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News Update

Our sincerest gratitude to all who attended and participated in The First National Organizational Policy Summit.

This was a phenomenal start!

Networking was going on all over the place and that was just the beginning.

The comprehensive policy statement is now available, and collaborations have already begun.

Thanks to all who came.

Please contact us for more information





On Saturday, September 10th, The Coalition--an umbrella group of approximately 90 local, regional and national community groups and organizations committed to working together in peace and cooperating with each other when opportunities arise--will hold a Special Summit Meeting to share organizational policy statements related to the issues that we all address in our communities.


The purpose of this gathering is to compile policy statements from each of our organizations so that the Coalition can adopt and be prepared to support the efforts of individual groups around those policy issues that affect their work with communities.


Because we work across a broad spectrum from HIV prevention, treatment and related healthcare work, education and youth-focused work, to work with immigrants, community revitalization and beyond, it is our plan to develop a "Policy Bank" that reflects the issues and concerns of front-line organizations, and that can be used in support of the progressive social change agendas of each group.


If your organization--whether community-based, faith-based, or otherwise--is working on issues that are aimed at making positive social change in our communities at whatever level, it and you should be represented at our Special Summit Meeting.


Registration for the Summit Meeting is quick and easy.


Just e-mail me ( or Gary R. Adams ( with 1) the name of your organization; and 2) the names of the persons who will be representing your organization at the Summit.


It is urgent that we hear from you by not later than August 15th so that we can adequately prepare for the number of persons planning to attend--including refreshments!


Thank you in advance for your assistance and cooperation.


WHAT:  The Coalition's First National Organizational Policy Summit

WHEN:  Saturday, September 10, 2011, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

WHERE:  The School District Bldg. Main Auditorium

440 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

WHY:  Develop a "Policy Bank" to Support Organizations' Social Change Efforts


John Elliott Churchville, Ph.D., J.D., Summit Coordinator

5555 Wissahickon Avenue, Suite 719

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19144-4540

Tel:  (215) 848-8511

Cell: (215) 435-4627



Please contact us for more information

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"Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there."

 ~ Virginia Burden


Thank you,

Gary R. Adams

The Coalition, Inc.

The Coalition, Inc. Group  


"We each hold a piece to the puzzle"



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Policy Statements: The Coalition's First National Organizational Summit


Focus on Improving Healthcare by Increasing Awareness, Innovating Human Excellence, Investing in Community Economic Development, and Integration of Families. Specific issues to be addressed include stroke victim's support, domestic abuse and Protection from violence, restraining orders procedures, and holistic personal development (physical, intellectual, cultural spiritual)Functioning public health infrastructure is a right by which community members should be collective collaborates to improve efforts.


All government policies must go through discussion and input at the Community/neighborhood level by those most affected by such policies before being approved by City Council, State Representatives, State Senators and Federal elected officials.


To increase civic engagement; we should utilize the block captains as agents of change and utilize their knowledge of their blocks to form committees. We can also use their knowledge of the community's children to advise them of their rights as citizens. Our neighborhoods' growth is due in large part to other cultures, creating language barriers that need to be addressed with translators and groups sharing learning of each other's languages.

The issue of violence needs to be addressed. Bullying needs to be stopped and discussed as a problem. Are the kids on the corner family, school mates, a clique or gang? Are there enough after school programs in all our communities, and are the programs they offer learning experiences?


To provide prevention intervention, education and advocacy programs and initiatives, services and resources (that remove/eliminate "red tape" which foments ignorance and apathy) that foster individual paradigm shifts that expand equal access to wealth building resources with a we/us mentality through social entrepreneurship. We must support efforts for sustainable economic development by buying local food and energy supplies. Let us not forget the reparations policy to repair descendants of enslaved Africans in America.


As we look to the future, we must educate parents to teach their children. The present calls for public policies to address issues via direct action for vulnerable American veterans; international forum for the right of minorities; means to redistribute food; provide healthcare; facilitate father engagement in every facet.

Moreover, develop coalitions to defend and support incarcerated people and their families; incorporate emotional and physical health in school curriculum while aligning ourselves with other organizations to establish strong funding resources.

Inspire life literacy through Intel technology (media), education, health awareness, responsible parenting and minor's rights awareness.

More welcoming schools with emphasis on staff development, multicultural accessibility and curriculum clarity for parents.Funding for human needs includes food, education, and shelter, therefore political policies should be implemented to generate democratic solutions to actual community issues.

This will break the school prison cycle creating self sufficient neighborhoods that address human need. Our schools should emphasize family, job, life instruction center and financial literacy education. An overall advocacy to recognize and value human potential.

Is the current school system curriculum viable for the development of our student's future and the growth of our city and country? We have to all come together and devise a plan to stop the desire of our students to see nothing but drop-out of our schools and exist on the streets - hustling. Create investment in children through the Arts starting at the Day Care Level and advancing all the way to High School Graduation and College.


Personal and business taxes (and allocation) of funds should be fair, progressive and transparent. Increasing estate taxes and imposes stock transfer tax and exempts all homes from taxation.


It is suggested that there be open communication with members, access to websites/information about services/resources. Also, need to know time availability. We need to clarify what it means to collaborate. We need to be clear on what The Coalition is about.

We should communicate via the internet, websites, and cell phone groups. What are our goals?

We need to address Class Warfare through Information outlets. Eliminate or discourage divisive language and minimize severity of issues in order to avoid unnecessary conflict.


The Policy Statements:
The Coalition's 2011 National Organizational Summit
are now available
in .pdf format.

in .doc format.


Click Here if you need to download
a free PDF reader.



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--  Mohandas Ghandi


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