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In Loving Memory - Coretta Scott King

 "Remembering Coretta Scott King"

You can celebrate her spirit

and help to carry on the legacy.





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Coretta Scott King


Betty Shabazz


Myrlie Evers-Williams


Rosa Parks


Ella Baker


Naomi Sumter


Albertina Sisulu




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No Need to "Re-invent the Wheel"!


Look around you.

There are many examples of people who have made a difference for the better.

Here are a few:


Marian Anderson (&) Charmoney Bayton (&) Mary McLeod Bethune (&) Nannie Helen Burroughs (&) Johnnie Carr (&) Dorothy Clinton (&) Jetta Clark (&) Marva Collins (&) Patricia Cowings (&) Sandra Bolden Cunningham (&) Christine Darden (&) Joetta Clark Diggs (&) Jam Donaldson (&) Kathy Emery (&) Nora Fant (&) Ella Fitzgerald (&) Aretha Franklin (&) Shirley Franklin (&) Lorna Forde (&)

Amy Jacques Garvey  (&) Elizabeth Gaynor (&) Althea Gibson (&) Fannie Lou Hamer (&) Lorraine Hansberry (&) Dorothy Height (&) Karen Hunter (&) Zora Neale Hurston (&) Mahaliah Jackson (&) Shirley Ann Jackson (&) Alma Johns (&) "Lady Bird" Johnson (&) Stephanie Tubbs Jones (&) Barbara Jordan (&) Jackie Joyner Kersey (&)

Bernice King (&) Carol Lewis (&) Evelyn Lewis (&) Viola Liuzzo (&) Oseola McCarty (&) Cynthia McKinney (&) Mamie Till Mobley (&) Audley Moore (&) Michelle Obama (&) Kimberly Oliver (&) Lucretia Jett Phillips (&) Evelyn Rice (&) Gloria Richardson (&) Wilma Rudolph (&) Rita Schwerner (&) Attallah Shabazz (&) Kathy Sharpton (&) Bev Smith (&) Elaine Eason Steele (&) C Vivian Stringer (&) Cheryl Toussaint (&) Barbara Ann Teer (&) Harriet Tubman (&) Cynthia Delores Tucker (&) Sojourner Truth (&) C J Walker (&) Laura Washington (&) MaliVai Washington (&) Ida B Wells (&) Phillis Wheatley (&) Oprah Winfrey







First Lady Michelle Obama
Let's Move! Initiative

Let's Move

From: “First Lady Michelle Obama”
Date: Mon, July 12, 2010
(Excerpt of message follows.)

As a mother, I know there is nothing more important than a child's health.
But today, obesity threatens the health of one out of three American children.
That's why we launched Let's Move! -- a nationwide effort to solve the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation.

I hope you'll join me and the thousands of teachers, doctors, chefs, community leaders, athletes and parents from across the country to help raise a healthier generation of kids.

LetsMove.gov -- an online resource for parents, teachers and community leaders to help our children eat better and become more active:
Let's Move!


Michelle Obama

P.S. Visit WhiteHouse.gov





The Internet is an excellent resource to obtain information about
these and other women of honor and distinction
who have consistently been willing to serve humanity.


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