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There are many Web site development options currently available.


They range from "do-it-yourself" texts and software packages to various levels and combinations of professional services. You must decide the option(s) best suited for your needs and resources.


At Eight Cities Media & Publications, we create professional yet affordable Web sites.


Since each client has different needs depending on the product, service, organization or person being represented, we are flexible and offer fair, reasonable rates.


Charges are based on the services and features that you actually need or want and utilize for your Web site.


Custom features and "fancy bells & whistles" are available should they be required or desired, however, they must be priced appropriately.


We only charge for what you agree that you actually need or want for your Web site.


We work closely with you to provide the most satisfactory service.


We offer discounts for larger sites, and long term site maintenance services.


We provide friendly and reliable customer service.


Your new site should be up and running very soon after we receive your information.


To begin, you provide us with background material and graphics or enough  information so we can create an outline for the construction of your Web site.


Your existing literature, brochures, sales and promotional items are a good start.




Discuss your multimedia needs with us.

We offer high quality video and photography services that can enhance your publications and presentations.


Please contact us now to discuss your Web site design and multimedia needs.