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1. Do you agree with Dr Cosby's message?

Yes  96%

No   4%


2. Did you read the complete transcript before visiting this site?

Yes  50%  

No  50%  


3. Did you change your opinion after reading the complete transcript?

Yes  17%  

No  83%  


4. Did the earlier incomplete reports misinform you?

Yes  38%

No  62%


5. Do you prefer more complete media coverage of public interest events?

Yes  93%

No   7%



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(More than 9 years later!)



More than nine years have passed since the historic
"Ghettoesburg Address."
While some have attempted to
clarify the questions and issues raised,
and critics have written and sold their books,
Dr Bill Cosby has, "on his own dime"
(at his own expense), carried his message to the people
who concern him most.

Bill Cosby's actions
speak as loudly as his words 

Read more about it
for yourself!







Helpful Information,
Recommended Reading

Becoming Dad
Black Men and the
Journey to Fatherhood

"In sharing his own harrowing story and the stories of other men, too, Leonard Pitts Jr. convinces us that we must reassume the distinguished role of father to reclaim our children and ourselves."
- Bill Cosby 

Becoming Dad, Leonard Pitts Jr
Becoming Dad








 James Brown
(1933 - 2006)


James Brown Speaks
About Today's Songs

"I firmly believe that Black music should never be 'dirty.'
And if you think about it, how could it be, unless someone . . . was allowing it?"

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Join Dr. Bill Cosby
in his commitment
to the community.

Visit the
Official Bill Cosby Website

Learn about resources
available in your community
and Take Action!


Now Published!
New Bill Cosby book

"Come on, People!"
is a vital message to restore hope, save lives, and reclaim our threatened families and communities.

Bill Cosby
book information.






Bill Cosby's New Book


"Come On, People"
Review by: Joseph C. Phillips,

"Come On, People"
Akin to Marcus Garvey's Appeal,
"Up, You Mighty Race".
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Bill Cosby's New Book


"Come On, People"

Learn more and/or order Bill Cosby's book

Learn more and/or order Bill Cosby's book

from the Official Bill Cosby Web site.




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