To Bill Cosby:

Doc, did YOU say "oops!"

(Or was that the anesthesiologist)?


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Dr William H Cosby is a legend in his own time.


In his superlative contributions to his community in particular and humanity in general he has redefined the word "philanthropy" and set new standards of excellence in education and entertainment..


Bill Cosby has a way with humor that can have you rolling on the floor laughing.


Dr Cosby has a manner of presentation that you do not mind permitting your grandparents or grandchildren to witness.


(It does not have to be sent in a "plain brown wrapper" -- in contrast to what too often comes from some other kinds of  rappers.)


He has a gift of provoking constructive thought while entertaining.


One of his classic routines is -  "Doc, did you say 'oops!'?"


Paraphrased, for brevity and an incomplete recollection of all of the details, it recounts a medical procedure during which the doctor carries out several steps. After awhile a voice is heard by the patient to say "oops"!


That is where the side-splitting dialogue begins with "Doc, did you say 'oops!'?"


More later when we update this page.


Some published excerpts from May 17, 2004 remarks by Dr Bill Cosby at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. have sparked much controversy and many comments.




At last
You can read the

for yourself!





Frequently updated news

Bill Cosby helps to increase
"New Hope" in Newark, NJ

and in other cities.

Read the details!




Ghettoesburg Address

You may read the transcript on this site
or, by clicking on the above image,
on the American Rhetoric site.



(It was at the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Brown - Topeka Supreme Court ruling.)


In our opinion, which shall be elaborated on later when we update this page, it wasn't "Doc" that said "oops," but the anesthesiologist. 


(Apparently there are some people who have a vested interest in the perpetration and perpetuation of self-destructive attitudes and behavior in certain communities.)


Unfortunately far too many descendants of the people who first established education and civilization now reject and despise their own heritage.


(This is in spite of overwhelming documentation from genealogy, anthropology, DNA research, history and the records of the sacred scriptures of the three Abrahamic monotheistic religions in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic community.)


Here is more insight into Bill Cosby's recent remarks.


The item widely circulated in the news media had less than 200 of Dr Cosby's own words quoted included in a 5 paragraph news item with four (4) ellipses within the quotations.


At least one observer characterized Dr Cosby's comments as a "sermon."  The Editor has yet to hear any minister give a 200 word sermon.


(Even most opening and closing prayers and offertories are longer than 200 words.)


In contrast, the President's Daily Brief for August 6, 2001 that sparked much controversy during the recent September 11 Commission Hearings contained eleven paragraphs, more than 500 words and only three (3) ellipses (the material omitted supposedly for national security reasons).


Some have criticized Dr Cosby because of his wealth - much of it resulting from his career as an entertainer.


Dr Cosby's entertainment, however, is in refreshing contrast to the "thugocracy" and "morontocracy" being foisted upon the public by some contemporary  (or should it be contemptible) "entertainers."


Also, in refreshing contrast, although Dr Cosby may be wealthy, he is not sending impoverished people to their deaths in fruitless wars, conflicts, terrorism and suicide missions like several other wealthy individuals are doing in many areas of a planet that seems to be "stuck on stupid" to the detriment of all of its inhabitants.


Enough already!





(Original Copy)


We have not yet obtained a copy of Bill Cosby's actual speech (although it was requested from several sources that should have it available).


If you have, or know of the source of, a complete transcript of Dr Cosby's remarks would you please inform the Editor (simply use the convenient  "contact us" form on our Web site)





Although neither Howard University, the NAACP, nor the NAACP Legal Defense Fund ( sponsors of the anniversary commemoration ) would honor our request for a copy or a transcript of the speech,

( a distinction that we share with several other editors ),

we have finally been able to obtain a transcript of a speech that ( if heeded ), history may rank along side the Gettysburg Address.

In fact ( and please note that you heard or read it here first ), it might become known as the "Ghettoesburg Address."

So that you may read it in context and reach your own conclusions,







About a month and a half after speaking in Washington, DC, Dr Cosby was a featured speaker at the Rainbow-PUSH Convention in Chicago. His remarks there again received widespread media attention that again often strayed from his message.


Contributing Columnist Laura Washington of the Chicago Sun-Times gave excellent coverage of that event.



Cosby won't let up, and neither should we

July 5,  2004



With the kind permission of the Columnist and the Chicago Sun-Times,

we reprint that column.






(More than 8 years later!)



More than eight years have passed since the historic
"Ghettoesburg Address."
While some have attempted to
clarify the questions and issues raised,
and critics have written and sold their books,
Dr Bill Cosby has, "on his own dime"
(at his own expense), carried his message to the people
who concern him most.

Bill Cosby's actions
speak as loudly as his words 

A Bill Cosby Town Meeting

Read more about it
for yourself!







The Significance of
Personal Responsibility

Dr Sonya Clemmons,
27 August 2004


 PLUS Press Release

Controversial Web Site Says Amen

To Bill Cosby's Inflammatory Comments
About The State of Black America




A leading United Kingdom publication
takes a look
at that Web site.




Another Call for Sanity

More than 3 Years Before
Bill Cosby's speech!

NOVEMBER 3, 2000




Morehouse School of Medicine
and Dr. David Satcher
to Be Recognized as National Leaders
in Mental Health

Dr. William H. "Bill" Cosby Funds
and Establishes
Poussaint-Satcher-Cosby Chair in Mental Health
at the Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM)

National Leaders in Mental Health




As the weather channels
resemble nature tours through the
Book of Revelation
and the news channels present
preludes to the Last Plagues,
here is some more disturbing reading
for our troubled times.

Enough, Juan Williams

Written by Juan Williams

Like Rick Rescorla
("The Man Who Predicted September 11"),
he warns of ongoing and impending
dangers to our society.

Controversial? - Yes.
Challenging? - Yes.
Thought Provoking? - Yes.

Who is listening today?

Ignore it at your own risk.

It offers solutions!






For those who have forgotten,
and those who have never learned,
their own history.

An informative Web site!





What Is the Covenant with
Black America?

It is a national plan of action
to address the primary concerns
of African Americans today.

Covenant with Black 

Covenant with Black America


Covenant In 

Covenant with Black America In Action

Make your voice heard!







A refreshing breath of fresh air!

It comes from a time
when music meant civility
and the message of most songs was
depraved indifference to human life.

"Motown in Love
Lyrics from the Golden Era"
Edited by Herb Jordan, Jr

Here at last:
all the words to 119 great songs
from the golden era,
when the Motown sound dominated the charts
and had a positive influence many other labels. 









Helpful Information,
Recommended Reading

Becoming Dad
Black Men and the
Journey to Fatherhood

"In sharing his own harrowing story and the stories of other men, too, Leonard Pitts Jr. convinces us that we must reassume the distinguished role of father to reclaim our children and ourselves."
- Bill Cosby 

Becoming Dad, Leonard Pitts Jr
Becoming Dad







 Too often our news is full of negative images of Black men -

Here is something different for a change.





Please tell us what YOU think!





More Resources for

"Educational Concerns & Issues"



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Keep up with Bill Cosby

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A Father's Day Message
Senator Barack Obama

June 15, 2008
Chicago, IL






Ossie Davis -
"...and no one can fill his shoes!"

-- Dick Gregory






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"All media is educational.

The only question is:
'What does it teach?' "

(If you have any doubts, just
watch and listen to your kids!)

- The Editor
Urban Cartographer Online





"Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence"

Gary James Poetry

Gary James Poetry

For far too long the cries of the abused and the hurting have gone unnoticed.

Finally, a book that captures the feelings of those who thought that no one cared and expresses them in the form of poetry.

This book reminds us all to look out for each other, because each other is all we have.






Become a Peacemaker!

You can help by standing strong
with a sustaining presence.

 10,000 Men - A Call to Action

10,000 Men - A Call to Action

For more information
call 215-731-0541.
Kenny Gamble & Bill Cosby







A 21st Century

Reality Check

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Too many of today's young people in particular,

and society in general,

are victimized by some modern day "Pharoahs,"

in the grand state of "De Nial,"

who are led by the exalted











Related Information of Interest









(And be sure

you read the

Eulogy transcripts!)




and the


Freedom Movement

"A Time When

Young People

Made a Difference

For the Better!"






 James Brown
(1933 - 2006)


James Brown Speaks
About Today's Songs

"I firmly believe that Black music should never be 'dirty.'
And if you think about it, how could it be, unless someone . . . was allowing it?"

Read More Here







Join Dr. Bill Cosby
in his commitment
to the community.

Visit the
Official Bill Cosby Website

Learn about resources
available in your community
and Take Action!


Now Published!
New Bill Cosby book

"Come on, People!"
is a vital message to restore hope, save lives, and reclaim our threatened families and communities.

Bill Cosby
book information.







Bill Cosby’s New Book


"Come On, People"

Learn more and/or order Bill Cosby's book

Learn more and/or order Bill Cosby's book

from the Official Bill Cosby Web site.





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We have no idea how many total readers there have been since more copies have been published elsewhere.

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