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Emphasis is placed on "CONTROL" - control of all aspects of the game, beginning with self control and personal character development. (This makes the individual a contributor to rather than a detractor from the team in particular and the sport in general.) While strategies and tactics may vary, the overall "game plan" is based on CONDITIONING, FUNDAMENTALS and TEAMWORK!! (Those principles when understood apply to any sport or activity in life.)

[1]Always support, cooperate with and encourage your teammates. Appreciate the fact that each member of your team is sacrificing and making a sincere effort towards your success. While each person can improve, by avoiding non-constructive criticism you will emphasize and build on strengths, rather than spotlighting your weaknesses. That is what will win it for you and enable you to recover powerfully from any loss.

[2]  Consistently rebound and "box out" at both ends of the court. "Possession  (of the ball) is 9/10ths of the law" of winning basketball! Your opponents can't score when you have the ball and you can't score when they have it. It's just that basic!

[3] Always play strong defense!

 (A) Keep constant pressure on the ball handler while avoiding the "reaching" that too often results in accidental injuries and/or foul calls.

 (B) "Trap" the ball handler (with help from the nearest teammate) or force the opponents out-of-bounds (or into a "bad pass" situation) when practical. Force the opponents to commit the errors that turn the ball over.

 (C) When you score, add some extra pressure at full court and you will force some additional turnovers that will increase your scoring opportunities.

[4] Use a good outlet pass and "fast break" when you can. Everyone must be alert in order to take maximum advantage of sudden scoring opportunities before your opponents can set up a strong defense.

 [5] Avoid excessive dribbling and unnecessary ball handling by looking for the "open" person and working the ball around.

 (A) Remember that a good pass beats a dribble and moves the ball faster than a defensive person can move. Also a person without the ball can move faster than one with the ball.

 (B) Also keep in mind that you don't have to wait until late in the game to "freeze" the ball, thus making your opponents work hard while giving yourselves a rest and protecting a lead. You can "chill the pill" whenever it is to your advantage to do so.

[6] Use a controlled, intelligent offense at all times.

 (A) Work for the "inside shot" whenever practical. The percentages of successful shots, effective rebounds and followups are much greater.

 (B) Keep your offense constantly moving. This will keep the opposition off balance. Even if you are not sure where to go, your opponent does not know that so keep moving anyway! You will eventually open up scoring opportunities for yourself and your teammates.

 (C) Always follow up your own shots and assist your teammates in their scoring efforts. Keep at it until you score! Many an opportunity is lost in a game when a missed shot is not followed up and the opposition retrieves the rebound.

 (D) Remember that the outcome of many close games is decided by the accuracy of foul shots on the free throw line. Practice and preparation can pay off big here in this crucial part of many an important contest.

 [7] - FINALLY -

 Remember that your overall "game plan" should be based on CONTROL(of yourself and all aspects of the game), CONDITIONING, FUNDAMENTALS and TEAMWORK!  It's just that basic, yet it's a powerful formula for victory and success on and off the courts.



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Most widely known as the mother of Olympians Carl and Carol Lewis, Evelyn Lewis — patriarch of one of Burlington County's most famous sports families — earned inclusion in the Hall of Fame for her trailblazing efforts on behalf of young people.

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Young people were a major force in the Human Rights movement.

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Thanks to irresponsible and greedy elements of the information and entertainment media, many people have an inaccurate and distorted picture of many of today's young people. Outstanding academic, artistic, humanitarian and athletic achievements and contributions by our youths are often ignored or buried deep in print and electronic news reports somewhere between the obituaries, department store sales and classified ads. Meanwhile aberrant (and often abhorrent) sensational acts by a few confused and misguided products of a society that has been unable and/or unwilling to properly educate them grab the banner headlines.



Public policies in many localities, disconcerted by this mentality, annually flush billions of dollars into feeble attempts to treat the effects (rather than deal with the causes) of our predictable and preventable tragic social failures. Meanwhile, in many families, religious, educational and social institutions and communities, the positive people quietly stayed focused on building and preparing for a better future. This publication is a record that resulted from the efforts of a few of them. It is the tip of an iceberg from a glacier of concerned people who are building for a better tomorrow.



The power, potential and influence of positive young people should never be underestimated. (Just think back to the Human Rights movement in the United States during the 1960's.) The achievements outlined on this Web site, and many of those with which it is linked, are a testimony of that fact.



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