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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge ...."
(Hosea 4:6)






The Work of God cannot be destroyed
It shall go on forever.

West African Proverb
(See Ecclesiastes 3:14)

Autobiography of John Hope Franklin

"Mirror to America"


Consultant: Clayborne Carson, Ph.D.
Director, Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project

Foreword by Myrlie Evers-Williams

The African-American Struggle for Freedom"


Consultant: Charles R Branhaan, Ph.D.
Senior Historian, DuSable Museum of African American History



Pulitzer Prize Winner, Taylor Branch
history of America in the King Years
(a 3 part series)

"Parting the Waters"

"Pillar of Fire"

"At Canaan's Edge"


Tavis Smiley

"The Covenant with Black America"


Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

"Long Walk to Freedom"


Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"God Has a Dream -
A vision of Hope for Our Time"


"Great Speeches by African Americans"
(Edited by James Daley)


"Motown In Love -
Lyrics from the Golden Era"
(Edited by Herb Jordan)


Autobiography of James Brown
(1933 - 2006)

"I Feel Good -
A Memoir of a Life of Soul"


in addition to those associated and linked with

Bev Smith Radio Show and Kenneth "Coach" Carter

Mississippi Freedom Summer

Coretta Scott King

Remembering September 11, 2001

Women of Honor and Distinction

SNCC and the Student Freedom Movement

Signs of the Times

Dr Martin Luther King's Message for Today

Rosa Parks Remembered

Rosa Parks Stands Up for Respect

African and African American
Pacesetters, Heroes and Legends

James Brown Speaks
About Today's Songs

Planet Earth "S.O.S."

A Christmas Mystery Solved

John H Johnson Media Pioneer

Dr Martin Luther King's Keys to Peace

The Program of Malcolm X

Remembering Ossie Davis

Emmett Till Remembered

Johnnie Cochran - A Legal Legend

Glenn Cunningham - A Legacy of Leadership with Integrity

Education to Make a Difference

ICA sports - A Millennium Special Report

Bill Cosby's Historic "Ghettoesburg Address"

Read the Speech Transcript for Yourself!

What Readers Think About the Speech

Remembering Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Dr Betty Shabazz Leaves Us a Powerful Message

Medgar Evers - "Never Forget!"

Muhammad Ali - "What's in a Name?"

Dr Leon H Sullivan Made a Powerful Difference

Ray Charles - A Genius Remembered!

It Really Does Take a Village

Remembering the Victims of Senseless Violence

Father Paul Washington - a Champion for Human Rights

Celebrating Diversity

Facilitating Education

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African American History:
Major Speeches

and more!




Learn More About
Black Inventors!

The Black Inventor Online Museum™


The Museum of Black Innovations & Inventions





The United States National Slavery Museum

"Through greater knowledge and understanding of the history of slavery, our nation can hope at long last to become free of its legacy."
The Honorable L. Douglas Wilder

The United States National Slavery Museum is committed to telling a more complete story of American slavery.
Its honesty will lead the nation in commemorating, understanding, and overcoming slavery and its enduring legacy.

Read More Here About

The United States National Slavery Museum






Lest we Forget

Our Honorable Ancestors





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