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September Eleventh Families
for Peaceful Tomorrows

News and information related to the mission
and goals of Peaceful Tomorrows.

September Eleventh Families
for Peaceful Tomorrows









                     MICHAEL  JACKSON                   

A True Apollo Legend






“A Memorial Tribute”

Friday, June 25, 2010

in New York, NY

Sponsored by the
National Action Network
(please check Web site for details)

Harlem joins the world in remembering Michael Jackson
Please Read More Here




New York City Hosts

2014 NAN 23rd
Anniversary Convention






(and of nearly everyone else)

(Hosea 4:6)


New York State Senator
wants young people
to pull up saggy pants.

Read more about it in
with more information from


“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free,
it expects what never was and never shall be.”

- Thomas Jefferson


"The New Middle Passage"

The Prison Industrial Complex
(Modern Slavery)

1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,
except as a punishment for crime
whereof the party shall have been duly convicted
shall exist within the United States,
or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Amendment 13 - United States Constitution.
Ratified 12/6/1865.


(An ancient manifestation of slave mentality
from several centuries BCE
is revealed in Isaiah 20:1-6.)




Another (Satirical)
Look at These Times


(If you are going to be profiled
you might as well dress for the part.)

(If you are going to be a suspect
you might as well look suspicious.)



at the Grand Mall
of the "Igno  Ramuses"
in the great state of "De  Nial"



Michael Jackson pulled up his pants and did the

Now you can drop your pants, moon, and do the


You Too Can Look and Be





"The Saga of the Saggin Pants"
A Letter from a College Student

(a PDF presentation)


"Liberate the minds of men and ultimately
you will liberate the bodies of men."

- Marcus Garvey 



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( " 'Freedom' is NOT Free! " )

"The Siamese twin of freedom
is responsibility.
They're inseparable!"
-- Theo Wilson


"Insanity [is] doing the same thing
over and over again
and expecting different results!"
-- Albert Einstein


"If you always DO
what you always DID,
you will always GET
what you always GOT!"
-- Jackie "Moms" Mabley



The time is long overdue for

Responsibility In Free Speech!



Just because we can
Does not necessarily mean that we should.
We DO have choices
Choices have consequences.

(Deuteronomy 30:19, 15-20) 






The People Got Ready
Is the train a comin'?

MTA or ATM ?

Has the MTA become an ATM
for questionable political functionaries ?

Why are the people least able to afford it being hit with the fees and charges from abuses by those who may be “gaming” the system?

In most advanced nations, the transit system is intended to facilitate the entire economy.

An Amtrak vice-president pointed this fact out to the Editor more than three decades ago in a discussion comparing the passenger rail systems in Europe, Japan and other nations with the one in the United States.

By efficiently moving people to their destinations, commerce, industry and overall productivity are all enhanced.

This is in stark contrast with the model of a “cash cow” enriching a few at the expense of the many that we see as a contemporary challenge in many areas.

A case in point:
China now manufactures and operates the world's fastest passenger trains and is rapidly completing the world's largest high speed railway network.

That should enable their people to quickly go to and from all of those jobs that American and multi-national corporations have exported or “outsourced” to their nation.


Please Read More

While political functionaries cancel
and curtail mass transit in the United States,
Faithful pilgrims are blessed with
High Speed Rail for Mecca.


Who Cares About the Students?


(Support Our Students)


A Statement To


US Transport Secretary Visits
Asian and European
High Speed Trains

Still Relevant Today!


("What They Usually Leave OUT!")
The "ROUGH" Side
of Dr Martin Luther King's
famous "Mountaintop" speech.


in his last speech!






March 17, 2008 - December 31, 2010

Thank You, Mr. Governor!

Only true New Yorkers
could have enough gratitude & love for
TWO "Saint Pats" !



May God bless Governor David Paterson.

Thank you for all you have done and are doing on behalf of the citizens of New York State in particular and for humanity in general.

God bless you, and may you live long and prosper in happiness and health.


The Editor







Thank God
for giving us
Mr Percy Ellis Sutton!

Condolences to the Sutton Family
Thank You for sharing him with us.

“I would like to be remembered
for my love of my brothers and sisters.”

Percy Ellis Sutton
(1920 - 2009)


Tuskegee Airman

Founder and Chairman Emeritus
Inner City Broadcasting Corporation

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that charitable donations be made to the NAACP NYS Conference, and sent to NAACP, 1085 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 300, New York, NY 10018.

Chairman Percy Ellis Sutton”
Chairman Percy Ellis Sutton”






"BWB" (Breathing While Black)
Even Gets COPS Profiled


Read More Here




Urgent Note:
Travel Advisory



New York City Hosts
2014 NAN 23rd
Anniversary Convention


Freedom Movement





White House Photograph

Watch the Video

White House Photograph

Read the Message

Happy Birthday
Rev. Al Sharpton!

Thank you for answering the call.

Please join us in Washington

Stay Informed
Be Involved
Support the
National Action Network!


Listen to
“Sounds of Sanity”

Hour of Power
Sundays, 9 AM
WBLS - 107.5FM

Keeping It Real
Monday - Friday, 1 - 3 PM
WLIB - 1190AM

NAN Weekly Rally
Saturdays, 9 - 11 AM
WLIB - 1190AM


Monday, November 23, 2009
2 PM Eastern Time



"No One Has All The Answers But Together
We Can Solve The Problem"
- Erica Ford

Stay Informed
Be Involved
Support the

National Action Network









New York City

Philadelphia, PA

Newark, NJ


around the country

around the world






Stay Informed!
Gratefully Remember

Gil Noble


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38 Years of excellence were recently celebrated in Madison Square Garden.

38 Years of excellence were recently celebrated in Madison Square Garden.

Since 1973 young women from the east coast have been encouraged to develop their academic and athletic talents and skills by participating in the Colgate Women's Games.

A superb record of achievement, perserverance and scholarship have been constants throughout the history of the event.

The championship finals from several weeks of competiton are annually conducted in the world renowned Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Read more about it here!






(Breathing While Black),
again proves fatal in New York City!

Police Officer Omar Edwards leaves behind a widow and two young children.

He was gunned down (shot in the back), while pursuing a criminal, by fellow officer(s) of that city's police department.

Many community leaders and elected officials are calling for impartial state and federal investigations of the latest of several tragic fatal "BWB" incidents in that city.


"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate it."

"We must work on . . . attacking the causes and healing the effects."

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous
than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

- Dr Martin Luther King, Jr 


Read More Here

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"No Justice - No Peace !"









Read More About It!










On the third anniversary
of the Homegoing Service
for Coretta Scott King,
the message of Elder Bernice King
in tribute to the
memory of her mother still reverberates.


On Saturday, February 7, 2009  National Action Network's Decency Initiative under the leadership of the Initiative's director
Tamika Mallory, held a protest in front of Bernie Madoff's house to protest the
unequal justice system in America.


While Madoff is under house arrest
in his 64th street Penthouse,
disenfranchised and poor people all over the country are being railroaded by the criminal justice system awaiting trial with no bail and an unequal justice system anywhere is an
injustice everywhere.


The National Action Network Decency Initiative protests outside the home of Bernard Madoff. Ms. Tamika Mallory and the Reverend Al Sharpton speak about how a two-tier justice system is indecent.
Watch the Video
of the Protest.


According to Mallory: "People have contacted me and National Action Network, not to mention I have members in my own family
who are sitting in jail with no evidentiary basis for them to be there and Madoff goes to his penthouse while our people are
in the bighouse."


Bernard Madoff - the rich folks' gansta rapper.


For more information and media requests please contact:

Rachel Noerdlinger, Vice President of Communications

for Reverend Al Sharpton at:



also near the Madoff penthouse:

An earlier march in the same neighborhood for media responsibility.


An earlier protest march in the same neighborhood,
this one for media responsibility,
illustrates the common denominator of "Fifty" -

Cent and Billion.


In making ANOTHER
the action in New York City
reminds all that not only

"We Shall Overcome,"

but as Brother Malcolm X might put it,
if necessary

"We Shall Come Over"!















The "Offering Reconciliation" Project
The "Offering Reconciliation" Project, initiated by the Israeli Friends of the Family Forum
presents to the public at large, the idea of reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians through Art.
Please Read More






Morehouse College


 PROJECT IDENTITY for African-American and other minority males attending middle school.


is a federally funded program designed to stimulate interest in college attendance and the awareness of college entrance requirements for African-American and other minority males attending middle school.





On a planet
camel flatulence
away from

The time to heed
the message of
Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.
is long overdue !

Around the world we see dysfunctional households, domestic disputes, divided communities, international atrocities, acts of terrorism and genocide.

News reports constantly display reiterations of Jezebel and Ahab, Cain and Abel, Samson and Delilah as well as accounts of Hard Hearted Hannah and Hard Headed Homeboy.

People of the Planet

For the sake of
your posterity
and your posteriors,
Please Heed
Dr Martin Luther King, Jr's
Keys to Peace !

wins when
the prize







Judge in New York City court reminds the world
that just as in the days of Emmett Till,
in 21st Century America,


(Breathing While Black),
can still be hazardous to your health!

Jena North ?

Just like in Louisiana,
Victims again arrested in
"Noose York City" !

Read More Here

"No Justice - No Peace !"



"A call for nationwide support
and selective patronage !"

Still Relevant Today!

("What They Usually Leave OUT!")

The "ROUGH" Side
of Dr Martin Luther King's
famous "Mountaintop" speech.



in his last speech!






"The Madness Continues !"

"When the police
are indistinguishable from the bad guys,
then society has a serious problem."
- Philadelphia District Attorney
Lynne Abraham

(The Philadelphia September 4, 1996 Agreement)

It was once wisely observed that:
"the best deterrent to crime
is a law abiding population."

Contemporary and recent events,
and the records of history,
all confirm the validity of that observation.

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr (in 1963) stated:
"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous
than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

As we confront the issues of the 21st Century,
it is perhaps time to reconsider the advice of Marcus Garvey:
"Liberate the minds of men and ultimately
you will liberate the bodies of men."

Photograph copyright © 1965
by Stan Daniels, Editor,
Urban Cartographer Online
- all rights reserved.







More "BWB" !

NYC Police Profile
one of their own Chiefs


Read more here.

"You just can't make this stuff up!"
Profiled: Chief Zeigler treated like
a regular "'Pookie' from the 'hood'" -
Please Read More Here.








People are standing up
and making a difference
in hundreds of communities -
YOU can too!

Your Vote Counts!

your vote counts


Click to learn more about the
Youth Vote Project





100 Blacks in Law Enforcement
Who Care


"Offering Constructive Solutions"
"100 Blacks" was founded in 1995 by a core group of concerned African Americans representing a variety of professions within the field of law enforcement.
Please Read More







As the death toll mounts from acts of domestic terrorism,
media outlets charged with irresponsibility,
including BET and Viacom,
in Washington, DC and New York City
are targets of protests.

Please read more here

and visit often for the latest developments.








Editor's Note:

With the possible exception of such others on the domestic "front lines" as school teachers and public safety (police, fire and emergency medical) personnel, our mayors are in the best position to really see "what's going on" in our communities.
It would do us all well to at least listen to and consider what they say.

From More Than 350 Cities


Mayors Against lllegal Guns press conference

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy speaks during a press conference regarding gun legislation with members of Mayors Against lllegal Guns in City Hall Council Chambers.

Pictured with the Mayor (from left) are Parsippany Mayor Michael Luther, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mayor Healy, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.



Neighborhoods or "Hood" Neighbors?

A Mystery Solved?!?













Queens rapper releases video that brings the truth about Hip-Hop into schools

and, talks to 6th and 7th graders about the lies of popular rappers, their lyrics,

and the negative influence of the music they listen to.






(Queens, New York December 8, 2007)-- It's no secret that Rap is under fire these days, and artists that glorify illegal drug sales, violence, and misogyny are being called into account for their lyrics. Despite the best efforts of national icons like Oprah Winfrey and forums held by Congress to address the situation, the most effective voice to speak out against rappers might come from the most unlikely of places: A Rapper.



"Everybody in the hood is not (a) gangster. It goes back to music: they want to be what they hear, so they put on an act," says a 6th grader from the Trey Whitfield Academy in Brooklyn, NY. She along with other 66' and 7t' graders were being interviewed by rap artist, Lavoisier, for their perspective on the state of Hip-Hop. Lavoisier quickly points out that while many try to emulate rappers, the rappers themselves don't live up to the lifestyles that they glorify in their songs.



"They're lying to somebody. Either they're lying to you on the record, or they're lying to the media to protect their integrity when they say it's only music and not real." As Lavoisier speaks, the kids are all ears, being made well aware of Lavoisier's own history as a former drug dealer and gang member from the streets of Coney Island, NY. His bold approach and willingness to name names has earned him the nickname "The Rap Terrorist", and he lives up to the title, schooling youngsters in this classroom project.



The footage has been compiled into a scathing 15 minute documentary which includes song and video quotes from rappers such as 50 Cent and T.I. The video is steadily gaining attention on internet platforms such as YouTube and MySpace.



Lavoisier is signed to independent record label, AOmega Global Military, and he has appeared on BET's airing of the "Higher Ground" documentary, while his music has been featured on soundtracks and national compilations distributed by Sony/BMG in upwards of 180,000 copies. He is frequently called upon to speak at jails, schools, detention centers and churches to hold seminars and give lectures on the influences of hip-hop culture. The classroom video can be viewed at:



For more information on this topic and interviews with Lavoisier, please contact Sonia Cornerstone at 347.328.3085 or email Sonia at






Grace and Peace family,

Lavoisier will be live in studio THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, July 13th, on Gospel Vibrations 89.1 WFDU-FM with Floyd Cray from 9pm till Midnight(EST). Call in at (201) 692-2012 to talk to him or request your favorite joints, and you can also hear the broadcast online at so be sure to listen in!

Lavoisier's I Get Money YouTube Challenge is also poppin off, go to for more details.

AOmega Music Updates

. Please direct any inquiries to



Grace and peace everyone, what's poppin?

This is LAVOISIER your friendly neighborhood RAP TERRORIST. 1st off, thank you all SO much for making THE RAP TERRORIST MIXTAPE release a success. The feedback has been incredible and the downloads have be Ca-Razy! Lives are really being touched. Let's keep pushing..send THIS DOWNLOAD LINK to EVERYONE you know; after all...IT'S FREE! So push it, burn it, press it and even spit it to as many people as you can, lol.

But I'm not done giving yet! I'M GIVING AWAY $50 CASH MONEY to the contestant that creates the best YouTube video for the 1st song on my new mixtape, The Rap Terrorist Mixtape entitled "I Get Money (That Ain’t Enough)"

Using video and/or still pictures, create a YouTube Music Video for the song and you could win $50 cash money and a chance to have your video featured on

Go to for official contest rules and submission guidelines for Lavoisier's I Get Money YouTube Challenge.

All The Best...And May The Best YouTube Editor Win!!!!!!

Hit me up on my myspace HERE and post a comment and tell me what you think of THE RAP TERRORIST MIXTAPE!

Love and Peace

The Rap Terrorist
Boondock Saint Gang
AOmega Global Military aka That Jesus Set
"It's That Get Saved MuziK"




Grace and Peace family,

We pray this message finds you well and persevering in the faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For those of you that have been waiting for new material from Lavoisier, the time has come! The Rap Terrorist Mixtape is NOW available at exclusively for free download. That's right, folks, we said FREE DOWNLOAD.
CLICK HERE to get your copy and make sure to spread the word because everyone loves free music from Lavoisier! In other news, Lavoisier's mini-documentary, "Rap Terrorist Goes To School," has gained over 100,000 views on YouTube and is steadily climbing. We'd like to thank you for your continued support and pray that you'll come with us a bit further because the best is yet to come! And if you haven't seen it yet, check out Lavoisier exposing today's fake rappers in Rap Terrorist Goes To School. Until the next time, God Bless You.

AOmega Music Updates

Please direct any inquiries to


Coming to the stage tomorrow night!! Lavoisier will be performing live along with Richie Righteous, Da R.I.C.H. Band, J.A.Z., Bam the Liquid Robot, Peoplez Choice, and DJ Cease for the Dare To Be Different concert! Come experience this powerful event and expect God to MOVE. Remember, ADMISSION IS FREE, so take the opportunity to invite your friends! See you there, family. See below for details.

Peace and God Bless,
Aomega Music Updates

Dare To Be Different
Tomorrow, June 13th 2008 at 7pm
Admission: FREE (Love offering will be taken)
Grace Cathedral International
886 Jerusalem Ave, Uniondale, NY 11553
For more info call 718.949.5292 OR 516.481.6929

Please direct any inquiries to


Grace and Peace Family!

We're baaaack! Friday, June 13th, 2008 at 7pm, Dare To Be Different is coming to Grace Cathedral International in Uniondale, NY and it's going to be 100% totally AWESOME! If you've been to DTBD before, you already know what it is, but if you haven't, picture this: An electric crowd with standing room only. Richie Righteous. Da R.I.C.H. Band. Lavoisier. J.A.Z. (Justified And Zealous). BAM The Liquid Robot. Peoplez Choice. And DJ Cease on the 1's 2's and 3's. Real Music. Real Ministry. Real Talk. Come take a stand with us to set L.I. on fire for Jesus Christ and be sure to invite all of your friends and family because ADMISSION IS FREE. That's right, folks, if you know someone who needs to have an encounter with God, this is the event for them. DTBD will also include multimedia presentations pertaining to issues that young people face such as premarital sex, STD's, teen pregnancy & abortion, gang culture, violence, jail, etc. so check out the video trailer here and save the date! Please see below for details. God bless you.

AOmega Music Updates

Dare To Be Different
Friday, June 13th 2008 at 7pm
Admission: FREE (Love offering will be taken)
Grace Cathedral International
886 Jerusalem Ave, Uniondale, NY 11553
For more info call 718.949.5292 OR 516.481.6929

Please direct any inquiries to





Click here to join antiViolence

Click here to join AntiViolence
Click to join the
AntiViolence Group










In Memory of Police Officers
Shawn Carson & Robert Nguyen 

Police Officer Shawn Carson

Police Officer Shawn Carson


Police Officer Robert 

Police Officer Robert Nguyen







Athletic Event Held
In Memory of
Officer Shawn Carson

The Third Annual P.O. Shawn Carson Memorial 55-Meter Dash for public servants was held at the New Balance Track & Field Center in New York, New York, on Saturday, March 29th during the New York Road Runners Club Youth Jamboree Track Meet. The sponsors were World’s Fastest Human’s, Jon Dummond Achievement Foundation, New York Armory Foundation, New York Road Runner Club, Gladiator Track Club of Hudson County and Coogan’s Restaurant.

If interested in participating in future similar events please contact the Coordinator, Jesse G. Jackson at

The story about the tragic death of Officer Shawn Carson and his partner, Officer Robert Nguyen, who were members of the Jersey City Police Department. Both died in the line of duty on Christmas night 2005. The officers were responding to a call by bridge operators concerning a problem with the bridge signals. After placing flares on the bridge roadway, and not being aware the bridge was open, they drove their emergency service vehicle over the fog-shrouded drawbridge where the vehicle plunged into the Hackensack River below. Both officers died in the crash.

Officer Carson was well known for his coaching and volunteer work with the Gladiators Track Club of Hudson County. Club President Jesse Jackson praised Carson's abilities as a coach, spirited athlete, and frequent volunteer.

Shawn Carson will be missed by all of us in the running community, please remember him and Officer Nguyen and their families in your prayers.



Please check here for updates
and complete event results.





Barack Obama Speaks
on King Birthday Weekend
at Dr King's Church
in Atlanta


Senator Barack Obama gave a stirring speech
at Ebenezer Baptist Church,
(Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s church)
in Atlanta, Georgia
on Sunday morning, January 20, 2008.

To read the full text of the speech,
and link to the video of that event
please click here.




"Here at last!
Here at last!

Thank God Almighty,
It is Here At Last!"





"Sounds Of Blackness"

"Kings & Queens:
Message Music
From The Movement"

Read more on the

In Loving Memory of Our Honorable Ancestors
Sounds Of Blackness Web site








Jail House!





Max Roach Remembered
A Visionary and Musical
Voice for Human Rights


The Power of Words! 


 James Brown
(1933 - 2006)

Thousands bid farewell to
The "Godfather of Soul" !

(It was the largest gathering
that the Editor has witnessed
on 125th Street since
Nelson Mandela's first visit
to New York City in 1990
"many rains ago.")


James Brown Speaks
About Today's Songs

"I firmly believe that Black music should never be 'dirty.'
And if you think about it, how could it be,
unless someone . . . was allowing it?"

"The FCC controls the licensing of everything
connected to broadcasting.
If they don't want something on the air,
it doesn't get on.
Conversely, whatever material does make it on the airwaves
is the material that they have deemed 'appropriate.' "

Read More Here



"Is Imus Snoop's Frankenstein Monster?"
Read More Here



"If you call your brother a n - - - - - ,
that’s how you’re going to treat him"

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Read More Here




"GOD FATHER OF SOUL" 1933-2006





Jon Corzine, New Jersey's Governor, nearly lost his life recently while on a mission of mercy.

To him we say: "Our prayers continue for your complete and speedy recovery.

Your work to advance respect, civility and responsibility is greatly appreciated.

If Imus had buckled his mouth, there would be no mention of seat belts and much pain and heartache would have been avoided.

Thank you for showing your love and concern for the people of New Jersey by your dedicated actions."

The Editor





Statement from
Rutgers Women's Basketball Head Coach
C. Vivian Stringer

Statement from Coach Stringer

April 10, 2007
Rutgers Press Conference

Press Conference Transcript

For more than 30 years,
New York City's metropolitan area
has honored achieving women
in Madison Square Garden.

Read More Here







100 Blacks in Law Enforcement
Who Care


"Offering Constructive Solutions"
"100 Blacks" was founded in 1995 by a core group of concerned African Americans representing a variety of professions within the field of law enforcement.
Please Read More







Nearly three years before
the world famous
Bill Cosby Speech
of May 17, 2004

Minister Louis Farrakhan
Challenged the Hip Hop community
to Accept the Responsibilities
of Leadership

at the Hip Hop Summit
in June of 2001!

More recently,
the "Beloved Minister":
Again Calls for Sanity.

Minister Farrakhan holds intimate conversation
with industry artists and executives
The true value of hip-hop.

In addition,
More Concerned Leaders
and Activists Call for Change.

Ministers & Communities Challenge
industry artists and executives
"It's time for responsibility!"








"The DONkey IgnoraMUS
and the Elephant"

Copyright © 2007 by Stan Daniels,
Urban Cartographer Online 

The "DONkey IgnoraMUS" statement was made on the 39th anniversary of the murder and assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 35th anniversary of the death of Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. who were Champions of Human Rights and proclaimers of the Good News of the love of God for all of humanity.

The infamous abusive remarks let the "elephant" of awareness about widespread media abuse out of the room.

That "elephant" threatens to trample the cash cow of ill gotten gain by the conglomerates that have a stranglehold on so much of the airwaves and entertainment industries.

The issue of abuse of the public airwaves in the greedy pursuit of excess profits has been raised by many people for several years.

Persons who overlook the fact that responsibility is inseparable from freedom ought to consider the fact that people have always been held accountable for the consequences of their actions.

What might happen to someone who falsely shouts "fire" in a crowded theater or, in this post September 11, 2001 world, "hijack" or "bomb" on a crowded airplane?

We do NOT suggest that anyone try it!

Decades before the present media and entertainment fueled "ball of confusion," there were clear warnings of impending danger from many people.


Among them Malcolm X issued many clear wake up calls and Martin Luther King, Jr repeatedly challenged people to think. Both urged constructive action.

The renowned call-out from Malcolm X rings just as true today as when he first proclaimed it: "You've been hoodwinked. You've been had. You've been took. You've been led astray . . . You've been bamboozled!"

This was long before the "Ghetto Dogs" (howling, scowling, growling and prowling), and other walking and talking weapons of mass destruction and suicidal havoc were unleashed on many unsuspecting communities and families.

Please Read
Remainder of this Article








"Godfather's" Deathbed Plea:
"Rev. Al, Clean Up Rap"

Sharpton Leads NYC Rally
On James Brown's Birthday

Rev Al Sharpton - National Action Network
Read More Here

Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network
is one of the leading Human Rights and social justice organizations
in the nation.

Learn more on the
National Action Network Web site






Become a Peacekeeper!

You can help by standing strong
with a sustaining presence.

 10,000 Men - A Call to Action

10,000 Men - A Call to Action

For more information
call 215-731-0541.
Kenny Gamble & Bill Cosby




Some Informative New York City Area
Public Affairs Media Resources

A listing in this directory does not necessarily imply
our endorsement of, or by, the listed site. 



Tony Brown Productions

Tony Brown Productions



WLIB Radio

WLIB Radio



Like It Is with Gil Noble

Like It Is with Gil Noble



Amsterdam News

Amsterdam News



Leon Charney Report

Leon Charney Report



The New York Beacon

The New York Beacon



WWRL Radio

WWRL Radio



WBAI Radio

WBAI Radio



WNYC Radio

WNYC Radio





Tri-State Voice

Tri-State Voice









Many disappointed viewers are outraged that a popular weekly telecast has been cut back from an hour to thirty minutes.


LIKE IT IS, a weekly public affairs program (hosted by Gil Noble, an award winning producer and journalist), has been a New York City media landmark for more than three decades.


It is broadcast on Sundays, at 12 Noon on WABC-TV (Channel 7) and is also available on many cable and satellite systems that carry the station.


Mr. Noble is known for his thorough research, investigation, and serious discussion.


His consistent high quality programming conveys the African-American perspective on many issues. That has earned Mr. Noble numerous community and industry awards including seven 'Emmys' and a Lifetime Achievement Award.


The Urban Cartographer Online has editorialized that "the time allocation cut back of 'Like It Is' is neither a sound journalistic nor business decision."








Some Viewer Opinions


Expressed on the Like It Is

Message Board



I think it's an insult for this station to give PRIME time to shows that do nothing but feed the public a bunch of non sense! Like It Is with Gil Noble should have MORE TIME, not less. The show is not just for us but for EVERYONE who seeks the truth about the many aspects of our lives in this country.


I agree that it is an insult and a shame that ABC has reduced the programming for Like It Is to a mere 30 minutes on Sunday afternoon. This public affairs and news information program is vital not only to the Black community but to all communities.


Please restore Like It Is to the full one-hour that this program needs and that the New York community deserves.


The show was phenomenal....I am so sorry that it is only half an hour.


I was sorry that it only lasted for half an hour. Too much information, for half an hour. Our people, all people need to see and hear "Like it is!". Mr. Noble thank you for such an enlightening experience. I will be watching next week.


Of all the media presented on Channel 7, Like It Is, is one of the few Sunday formats I truly can relate to and enjoy. As African-Americans and People of Color, this show, forum, or public interest programs, is the only other format, besides America's Black Forum and Tony Brown's Journal being offered to the millions of Blacks in the greater NYC area.


Do us all a favor, RESTORE Gil's show BACK to its' one-hour format. His show is of vital interest to us

I trust WABC-TV 7 has been receiving many correspondences in outrage to having "Like It Is" reduced to a half-hour format. "Like It Is" is a valuable information resource that needs to be preserved.

Reducing Like It Is to 30 minute in favor of sports program is not fair and should be restored to its' full 1 hour program.


I was sorry to see WABC-TV reduce the program to 30 minutes program, while expanding its sport & entertainment programs well into Sunday evening If only the station program manger would realized the value this program brings the New York community, understanding Like It Is, is just as important as Eyewitness News, World News Tonight or Night Line.



Contact information:


Like It Is

7 Lincoln Square

New York, NY 10023

Telephone: 212.456.3058









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Friends of East Orange Public Library presented

"An Afternoon Dialogue with Mr. Gil Noble"



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Statement of Support for

"Like It Is" Programming
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In case you were looking for it,
we also have
the complete transcript
Elder Bernice King's 

Eulogy for Coretta Scott King

February 7, 2006







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"JENA 6"
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