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News From
The Coalition, Inc.
Friday 23 April 2010 “Communication – Cooperation – Collaboration” Volume 4, Number 33
The Coalition, Inc.
Board of Directors
Gary R. Adams
(President/CEO), John
E. Churchville
Josephine Blow, Stanley
Daniels, Edwin
Desamour, Nijah
Famous, Kendall Hayes-
Fullard, Tom ‘Bunny’
Henry, Abdul Malik
Table of content
For Our Children … 02
This Week … 11
Employment and
Training Opportunities
… 12
Health Matters …14
Green Piece … 15
Personal and Home
Security …21
Grants, Scholarships &
Instruction… 22
SpotLight … 27
Arts for Awareness …
Coming Up …33
Computers and
Technology … 40
A Hand Up … 40
On The Airways … 43
Greetings Coalition Family!
The most successful of those who wear the mantle of community
servant/leader realize we are blessed to be able to serve, so we serve with
attitudes of joy and fulfillment.
For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of
gratitude. (Clarence E. Hodges)
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“It is easier to build children than it is to repair men.”…Frederick Douglass
From our friends at the Campaign for Youth Justice
The Campaign for Youth Justice urges groups from across the
country to show support for reducing the practice of trying,
sentencing, and incarcerating youth in the adult criminal justice
system by signing onto the enclosed National Resolution on
Trying and Sentencing Youth as Adults

Every year an estimated 200,000 youth are tried, sentenced. or
incarcerated as adults in the United States,
and most of these children are prosecuted for non-violent offenses.
Young people who are tried in the adult system
are more likely to reoffend than youth retained
in the juvenile system, and when they are sentenced
as adults they are exposed to collateral consequences
that impact their ability to further their
education and employment.
Prosecuting youth to the adult system is a pathway to recidivism,
abuse, and long-term negative consequences to their educational
and employment options. It is a dangerous and costly practice.
Please sign onto the National Resolution today and show your
support for keeping young offenders out of the adult criminal
justice system. Groups wishing to sign-on to the resolution
should email the
Campaign for Youth Justice at
Sign Name; Organization
City, State
The deadline is Friday, May 14. The link to the resolution is

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We are proud to
announce that News
From The Coalition,
Inc. is featured on the
acclaimed site Eight
Cities Map which is
read in more than 0ne
hundred seventy
Click here:
“Philadelphia’s Online
“Newsletter” from the
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Paul “Earthquake” Moore
Community Boot Camp
From April 2010 through SEPTEMBER 2010
All young people are invited to experience a weekend of fun, discipline, and
leadership activities when the
Community Boot Camp
resumes on
April 17-18, 2010
It is the first of seven individual weekend sessions for youth scheduled to be
held from April through September 2010
Hosted by Paul “Earthquake” Moore, Community Boot Camp will be an
exciting and positive weekend for youth in the
Philadelphia and Delaware County areas.
For two days and one night on
April 17-18 2010,
children ages 8-15
will have the opportunity to spend time with positive role models from
various industries including city officials, TV and radio personalities, and
sports figures. The aim is to show young people a better way of life through
positive activities and role models and make them believe they can have an
impact on their surrounding communities and future careers.
Young people will spend the night in the field, sleeping in tents, during
which time they will be mentored by the men and women of the
U.S. Army Reserve.
Activities to take place will include:
~ Community Clean up
~ Salute Report
~ Military Alphabet Code
~ Military Time
~ Violence, Drug and Alcohol Prevention
~ Community Basketball
~ Drilling Ceremony
Community Boot Camp is being sponsored in part by
a community activist, Moore has had the privilege of developing programs
and activities that support positive teen development. Holds basketball
tournaments, skating parties, Black History Month activities, and
Page 04
God ever works with those
who work with will.
If you have a
favorite relevant
quote, why not
share it with our
readers. send to
We will credit you
with the submission.
neighborhood clean-ups.
In addition, the organization has supported youth in
developing relationships with the church.
Don’t miss the opportunity to register your child for Community Boot
Camp. Parents can register by calling 215-385-2696 or Camps begin
April 17-18, 2010
And run through to
September 2010
Donations are needed to buy daily meals, sleeping bags, and equipment for
the youth who attend. Those who wish to donate to the Community Boot
Camp should call 215-385-2696, or email Paul “Earthquake” Moore at
All checks should be and sent to
P.O. Box 5323
Philadelphia, PA 19142. Video
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Graduate! Philadelphia offers college fair
Graduate! Philadelphia will celebrate the second anniversary of its Northeast
Philadelphia site with a
Returning to College Fair on
Tuesday, April 27th from
3-7pm at
CORA Services,
8540 Verree Road in
The event offers instant decision admissions from many of its 15 partner
colleges, workshops on study skills, managing stress and becoming an
effective student, giveaways, raffles and a celebratory cake.
For more information, call 215-574-1341.
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Partners sought for youth action teams
Since 1997, MEE has implemented a unique youth employment model in
which it hires and trains local youth to conduct peer-to-peer outreach to
deliver health promotion messages to their community.
Most recently, MEE implemented Community Action Teams as part of its
Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia campaign, through which it provided
employment, life skills and self efficacy and leadership training for 100
young people.
Page 05
From an actual newspaper
contest where entrants age
4 to 15 were asked to
imitate "Deep Thoughts by
Jack Handey."...(final
If we could just get
everyone to close their eyes
and visualize world peace
for an hour, imagine how
serene and quiet it would be
until the looting started. --
Age 15
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
MEE is seeking strategic partners to pursue or use available grant money for
summer employment programs in other locations, and is reaching out to
organizations that have access to youth and workforce development funds.
CAT participants can help in developing leadership skills and a positive selfimage,
receive training in important life, academic and communications
skills, gain exposure to new experiences, people and places, earn money and
incentives as compensation for their participation, build their resumes with
outreach and communications experience, and earn community service
credits for high school.
For more information, call William Juzang at 215-829-4920 or email
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CCP sponsors summer program for males
Community College of Philadelphia has announced its 2010 Center for Male
Engagement Summer Enrichment Program, geared towards African
American males. The program is a
four-week intensive summer program for
high school students graduating in June 2010
who intend to enter the Community College of Philadelphia for the first time
as a full-time student in fall 2010.
Students who successfully complete the program will automatically become
a member of the Community College of Philadelphia’s Center for Male
Engagement. Through the Center, they will be assigned a Support Coach
who will assist them with personal needs in addition to encouraging them to
take advantage of the many academic and social opportunities at the College
The program takes place
Monday through Thursday,
9am to 3pm, from
July 12th through August 5th.
For more details, click here or call 215-751-8817.
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Free Library of Philadelphia
Teen Poetry Slam
Poetry and Spoken Word
Friday, April 23rd 2010 at 3:30 pm
Montgomery Auditorium
Central Library
1901 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Rules: Performers must be prepared to present twice
Page 06
"I would rather have a
mind opened by wonder
than one closed by belief."
--Gerry Spence
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
Poems must be performed not read
Performances limited to 1 ½ minutes
No props or audio
Keep it clean!!!
Prizes: 1st prize: $150, 2nd Prize: $100, 3rd Prize $75
Open to all Philadelphia High School Students
Deadline to Register:
Monday, April 19, 2010
To register call or email Aurora Sanchez at 215.686.5415 or
Montgomery Auditorium
Parkway Central Library
1901 Vine St
3:30 pm
Event open to the public
This program has been made possible with generous support from the
Philadelphia City Institute Board of Managers.
Aurora V. Sanchez
Free Library of Philadelphia
1901 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
215.686.5415 (Teen Outreach and voicemail)
215.686.5372 (Teen Author Series)
215.563.3628 (f)
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Free Scholarships to Cornell’s Summer College
Cornell's Summer College, now in its forty-ninth year,
is one of the nation's longest running and most highly regarded
precollege academic programs.
It brings more than 800 academically talented high school sophomores,
juniors, and seniors from around the world to Cornell each
summer for three- and six-week programs.
Summer College students have the unparalleled opportunity to:
*experience what it's like to live and learn at a great Ivy League university,
Page 07
So powerful is the light of
unity that it can illuminate
the whole earth.” -
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
*take real university courses,
*work closely with Cornell's world-renowned faculty,
*learn three to six college credits,
*explore majors and career options,
*get a jump on successful college applications,
*make friends from around the world-and much, much more.
As Cornell alum, you also might be interested to know that in addition
to the gains realized by students, Summer College contributes significantly
to Cornell's recruitment efforts by introducing a geographically, ethnically,
and socio-economically diverse group of
talented students to Cornell at the crucial time. Many former Summer
Collegians apply to Cornell, and each year a significant number are members
of the entering class.
Again, we would be grateful if you would share this information with
individuals or organizations you think could benefit from our award-winning
Cornell program. This year's application deadline for most
programs is April, 30. Students can connect with other Summer College fans
through the Facebook link on our homepage and can reach us directly at or 607.255.6203.
Best regards,
Abby H. Eller, Director, and the Summer College staff
Cornell University Summer College Programs for High School Students
B20 Day Hall
Ithaca , NY 14853
607.255.6203; Fax 607.255.6665
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United Way’s Center for Youth Development has announced its Core
Curriculum & Mentor Training Schedule for this spring.
CYD coordinates and delivers trainings to improve the quality and build the
capacity of youth programs throughout the region. Trainings are open to all
out-of-school time staff and non-profit professionals in southeastern
In registering, please take note of the identified target audience (including
age of youth served) for each training, as well as trainings that are part of a
series (201, 202, etc) and therefore should not be registered for individually.
Space is limited. To register please visit the Community Impact Training
Page 08
"Even if you're on the right
track, you'll get run over if
you just sit there." …Will
Institute website.
For more information, email here.
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Dear Family and Friends
We are excited to announce the 5th Annual Philadelphia Fatherhood
Festival. The event will be held on Saturday, June 12, 2010 at the
Pennsylvania Convention Center. The Fatherhood Festival addresses the
issues that plague our families and communities. The event is a FREE, full
day conference consisting of discussion groups, notable guest speakers, and
educational roundtables for all fathers and father-figures. Our goal is to
change the lives of men, thereby changing the lives of children and families
forever. We are asking for your help.
Fatherhood Festival Planning Committee
Festival Planning Meeting
Strategic Planning
Please join Us at our Festival planning meeting. We need your thoughts,
ideas, and suggestions. Each day most of us are involved in meetings and
sessions that have minimal impact to our community. The Father Festival
will provide you with the opportunity to give back and help strengthen our
children and our families. We need you, your experience, and your vision to
make the festival a success. Please come out and help us make a difference.
Our kickoff meeting was held on
Monday, February 22, 2010
at the
School District of Philadelphia Main Building,
Parent Resource Center,
440 N. Broad Street (Broad & Spring Garden).
Please mark your calendars. The subsequent meetings will be held at the
same location on the following dates:
- April 19
- May 3
- May 17
- May 31
- June 7
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Page 09
For the Lexophiliacs
Local Area Network in
Australia: The LAN down
(We are ignoring the many
requests that this feature be
discontinued. Please stop
writing in.)
If you would like to
report on a recent
community event, feel
free to send us a brief
account of what
happened in document
format, and we will
share it with our
Send your information
to: News From The
Coalition, Inc.
All entries for
submission should be
received by noon, the
Monday prior to
publish date and in
Press Release form.
CAP 4 Kids Hint of the Week
Did you know that Cap4Kids Philadelphia has hundreds of resources listed
on the website that care for families and
Please see the attached Suggested Ways to Use Cap4Kids attached
and link families in need with the social service agencies that serve them.
Please continue to advocate for every child, every family, every community
to prevent and address youth violence and the many permanent scars that it
To bring awareness to this epidemic and to highlight the many amazing
youth in our community, Physicians for Social Responsibility are hosting the
annual Legs Against Arms 5K run/1 mile walk at St. Joes to bring about
awareness of the programs that address youth violence. Please see for more information.
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Black College Tours 2010 (40+)
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With a little over 50% of our kids graduating high school on time
and only 18% graduating college, we MUST all work on this issue together
for the future of our city.
The Mayor's office recently created an office called "PhillyGoes2College"
that will start working to improve these statistics
us_on_increasing_college_admissions.html), and on the website, under the Education Handout, you
will find multiple sources for children, families and child advocates to help,
from an early age, on the road to educational success
Here you will find listings for various school choices, timelines, resources
for out-of-school youth, and college prep and college admission tools.
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Earn Free Trip to Egypt for Black Kids and Adults
The African Heritage Institute (also known as the D'zert Club) is
Page 10
Do you remember this
England is better only
because I stand out there as
'unusual'. - Emo Philips
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
sponsoring a 2-year African History Program that, once completed, the
participants earn an all expense paid trip to Egypt. This program is
for Black kids from ages 7-14 and adults over the age of 21.
See the success stories of students that
completed the program and have gone to Egypt. They are amazing. Students
grades went up in school, lateness and absences decreased and there was
a remarkable increase in the students respect for their elders. One
brother who attended was able to get a full 4-year scholarship to school
as a result of being a part of the program.
Get all of the details at
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Help For Parents With School-Age Children
Are you a parent, relative, or health care professional with any of the
following scenarios?
* Not too sure how to register child for Kindergarten or Head Start.
* Trying to decide on what type of school best fits a child's needs. Public or
Charter or Magnet or Catholic?
* Want to get a child motivate and focused on college.
* Want to get child back in school after taking a leave, but don't know what
options there are for out-of-school youth.
* Child being bullied in school and don't know what to do.
* Child not doing well in school and may have a learning difference.
On the website, under the Education parent
and the Resource tab there are resources in
the community to help advocates for children find help for their child's
educational needs. Please become familiar with the listed resources and
continue to bridge the gap between families in need and the agencies and
resources that serve them.
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The Food stamp program under the new stimulus package is now called
the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).
Did you know?
Eligibility for SNAP benefits changed so many more families in food
insecure households are now eligible.
On the website, under the Food and
Page 11
“The more selfish you are
the smaller your world
You make yourself smaller
by being selfish.”
Grandma Edna Gordon,
Hawk Clan Elder of the
Seneca Nation, Six Nations
Coalition members!
Get ‘Your’ web link
on The Coalition,
Inc. web site
Nutrition parent handout, you will find several organizations who can help
families find out if they are eligible. Also, on the COMPASS website they
can apply for these benefits and many others.
For more info you can also go to
Please continue to link families in need with the appropriate social services
agencies that serve them through Cap4Kids. Thanks.
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Online resources for parents:,,
Hello Everyone,
My name is Raymond Gant I am a project manager for
Greater Philadelphia Cares.
On Friday April 23rd
1pm to 4pm
we need 30-40 volunteers preferably from 19122 area to come out to
Ferguson Elementary School
2000 N. 7th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
We need parents, neighbors, concerns citizens, we need your help! We will
be painting games on the playground and helping to spruce up the library
with painting quotes and murals.
This type of atmosphere gives a brighter learning space for our children, it
also helps strengthen families.
For further info please contact Ray Gant @215 964 7627 or email me
Thank You,
Ray Gant
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Muslim groups building health network
Beginning with the Philadelphia area, the Muslim Alliance in North
America’s SHARE Centers and the Islamic Social Services Association of
Philadelphia are working to build a network of existing free health care
clinics by networking with tens of thousands of Muslim physicians, nurses,
Page 12
The way I understand it,
the Russians are sort of a
combination of evil and
incompetence... sort of like
the Post Office with tanks. -
Emo Philips
The Raw Family
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
dentists, optometrists, health care providers, and private ambulance services.
This network, which will begin in Philadelphia, will also lay the groundwork
for additional clinics that will reach out to the unserved or underserved
citizens, particularly of America's inner city neighborhoods
where there are over 30 million Americans uninsured,
of which 50% - 60% are African American and Hispanic.
The groups are sponsoring a presentation on the initiative
at a health care forum on
April 24th
beginning at
at the
Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Broad and Spruce Streets
The forum will be followed by an entertainment program at 6pm.
Tickets for the full day of activities are $50.
Register here.
For more information, call Qasim Khan at 773-557-9315 or Rashidah Abdul
Khabeer at 215-432-6691.
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Lifeguard Positions Philadelphia
Department of Parks & Recreation
Do you have what it takes to be a lifeguard?
• Must be certified in Lifeguard Training, First Aid & CPR
• Must be 16 years of age or older
• Must pass a drug screening, criminal record, child abuse and FBI clearance
Want to become a Lifeguard?
• You must be at least 15 and know how to swim to take the class
• Pass a lifeguard screening, once you pass, you can enroll in a class
• Classes staring now: (3 locations)
Sayre Morris Pool
59th & Spruce;215.685.1993
Page 13
“Unity to be real must stand
the severest strain without
breaking” - Mahatma
If you would like to
report on a recent
community event, feel
free to send us a brief
account of what
happened in document
format, and we will
share it with our
Send your information
to: News From The
Coalition, Inc.
All entries for
submission should be
received by noon, the
Monday prior to
publish date and in
Press Release form.
Lincoln Pool
Rowland & Shelmire St;215.685.8751
Pickett Pool
Wayne & Chelten St;215.686.2196
• Cost is $100 for the entire course and materials
Minimum salary is $12.33 per hour
Maximum salary is $14.60 per hour with experience
Be responsible, save a life, make some money
Members of the NAACP Philly Youth Council have the opportunity to
obtain much more info, and direct contact information for more
opportunities. Visit the NAACP Philly Office at 1619 Cecil B. Moore
Avenue, or attend one of our 2nd/4th Saturday meetings, or any of our
community service activities to join our group now!
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United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Coming of Age offer 3-day
Learning Lab
Coming of Age, a collaboration of United Way of Southeastern
Pennsylvania, the Temple University’s Center for Intergenerational
Learning, WHYY and AARP of Pennsylvania, will sponsor
a 3-day learning lab on
Capturing the Energy and Expertise of People 50+ on
May 19th,
at United Way,
1709 Benjamin Franklin Parkway in
Philadelphia, PA
The event is part of COA’s effort to help the nonprofit community to learn
more about engaging experienced volunteers to help meet greater demand
at a time of shrinking resources.
Whether retired or working, people age 50+ are extraordinary resources,
whose energy and expertise can help nonprofit agencies
accomplish their mission.
And we have more than 1,500,000 such people here in the Delaware Valley.
Page 14
First learn the meaning of
what you say, and then
speak. – Epictetus
If you would like to
report on a recent
community event, feel
free to send us a brief
account of what
happened in document
format, and we will
share it with our
Send your information
to: News From The
Coalition, Inc.
All entries for
submission should be
received by noon, the
Monday prior to
publish date and in
Press Release form.
They are a rich, immense — and very much underutilized
— volunteer talent pool!
The Learning Lab will show nonprofits how to apply best practices to meet
their mission; motivate people age 50+; assess readiness to capture the
talent of people age 50+; create roles fusing your mission and their
interests; and creating a high-impact and doable marketing and recruitment
Almost 1,000 executive directors, program directors and volunteer
managers have taken this workshop series across the nation.
The cost for the 3-day workshop is only $180 and includes all materials
and a continental breakfast and lunch each day.
For more information or to sign up, click here
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Summer camp in Bulgaria open to young journalists worldwide
International Experience, Study Abroad, Young Journalists Deadline:
High school students worldwide who are interested in journalism, writing
and personal development are invited to attend an Educational Summer
Camp in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria from
July 4 to 24.
Deadline to apply: June 20.
All courses will be taught in English. In addition to the aforementioned
topics, the curriculum includes sports, field trips to the Rila Monastery
and Sofia, movies and other activities.
The summer program is organized by the American University in Bulgaria.
The camp fee is 510 (about US$710).
For more information, visit
or e-mail Nadejda Afendova at
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Experts say 40 percent of cancers could be prevented
Kate Kelland
Page 15
If you want to make peace,
you don't talk to your
friends. You talk to your
enemies. --Mother Teresa
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
LONDON (Reuters) - Forty percent of the 12 million people diagnosed with
cancer worldwide each year could avert the killer disease by protecting
themselves against infections and changing their lifestyles, experts said…
Read the full story
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Get Fresh!
Volunteer with Philabundance Fresh for All
You recycle out the wazoo and consider yourself consigliore of the
enviro-sack mafia.
Hence, a cause you can believe in: Philabundance wants to fill those
ubiquitous bags with produce through its new Fresh for All program.
And you can help by volunteering.
The nonprofit hands out perishables at six sites in the Delaware Valley —
where nutritious diet staples are hard to come by,
especially in tough times.
With a minimum three-hour commitment, you’ll keep busy. Help with
admin, approve clients, or do community outreach (posting mailings, making
phone calls).
Looking for something physical?
Take food to sites, divide apples, and dole out the goods. You’ll be doing a
major part to help people get the fruits and veggies they need.
And that’s a green movement to be proud of.
To participate in Fresh for All, contact
Tunisia Garnett (215-339-0900 ext. 238 or
For more information, go to
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Tips for making oatmeal appealing to kids
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Thursday, April 22
in Philadelphia
“Honor the Earth: Abolish Nuclear Weapons”
Page 16
A woman sent her son to
get a tin of beans from the
store. The boy went and
found nobody at the store
except the shopkeeper who
was up the ladder filling up
his shelves.
'Give me a tin of beans for
my mother,' said the boy.
The keeper, from up there
told him: 'Wait in the line.'
The boy looked around and
saw nobody so he said
'Give me a tin of beans for
my mum.'
The keeper said again: 'I
told wait for your turn.'
The boy asked for the third
time for the tin of beans.
'Can you see how many
people there are before
you? I said wait for your
The boy, who realizes he
was being taken for ride,
reached for a tin of peas
from the lowest shelf and
through it at the
shopkeeper, hitting him in
his forehead.
The Shopkeeper came down
bleeding all over and said to
the boy:
'See what you have done?
You broke my head.'
'Good grief, of all these
people you picked up on
me?' said the boy.
(Thx. to George Majors)
Submit your own
humor, and let our
readers know how
funny you can be. We
obviously need the help.
; ) (Family appropriate)
Unite and Organize for a Nuclear-Free Planet!
12 noon:
Rally at Independence Mall
Rain or shine,
6th and Market St.
With music, speakers and special guests
1 to 4 pm: Earth Day ceremony at Independence Mall
and Peace Walk to Camden, NJ (South Waterfront community)
Stay tuned for more details
For more info: Call 610-544-1818 / Email
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The Blue Green Alliance
wanted to pass on the exciting news that
registration is now open for the
2010 Good Jobs, Green Jobs
National Conference,
May 4-6, in
Washington, D.C.
The 2010 Conference is the leading forum for turning ideas into action and
building a green economy that creates good jobs, reduces global warming
and preserves America's economic and environmental security.
You can register now by visiting
This year's Conference promises to be an extraordinary event. The
Conference features two days of exciting plenaries and more than 100
informative workshops on topics ranging from green manufacturing to
environmental and occupational health and safety to business, investment
and new markets.
Take a minute to view the agenda
and workshops
Featured speakers include Richard L. Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO,
Leo W. Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers, Carl
Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, Dr. Paul Anastas, Assistant
Administrator for EPA's Office and Research and Development, Dr. David
Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health,
Page 17
Kathy’s Korner!
There was a man that
owned a giant gorilla and,
all its life, he'd never left it
on its own. But eventually
he had to go on a business
trip and had to leave his
gorilla in the care of his
next-door neighbor. So he
explained to his neighbor
that all he had to do was
feed his gorilla three
bananas a day at three, six
and nine o'clock.
But he was never ever, ever
to touch its fur.
So the next day the man
came and gave the gorilla a
banana and looked at it for
a while thinking, “Why
can't I touch its fur?” as
their didnt seem to be
anything wrong with it.
Every day he came in and
looked for a little while
longer as he still couldnt
understand until, about a
week later, he'd worked
himself into a frenzy and
decided that he was going
to touch the gorilla.
He passed it the banana
and very gently brushed the
back of his hand against its
Suddenly the gorilla went
ape and started to jump
around, then it turned and
began to running towards
the man who, in turn, ran
through the front door, over
the lawn, across the street,
into some one else's sports
car and drove off.
In the rear-view mirror, he
could see the gorilla in its
own sports car, driving
right behind him. (cont.)
Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, Robert Stanton, Deputy Assistant
Secretary of the Interior for Policy, Management and Budget,
Rick Fedrizzi, President and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council, and
George H. Miller, President of the American Institute of Architects.
In addition, this year's Conference features the 2010 Green
Innovation Expo, where more than 100 exhibitors from labor, industry,
environment and academia will be on hand to demonstrate how they are
charting the path toward growing the green economy and developing clean
energy jobs.
Register today for the 2010 Good Jobs, Green Jobs
National Conference.
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Philadelphia is a huge underutilized asset.
From Dust to Dollars: Creating Value from Underutilized Assets
By Rosabeth Moss Kanter
The green movement focuses attention on numerous resources going to
waste that could be turned into cost savings, revenue streams, and profitable
businesses while saving the earth — wind power, solar energy, fuels from
burning biomass. That sensibility signals an important new value
proposition: From dust to dollars! Build innovation around existing but
underutilized assets.
Waste was an industrial age motif. To have more of something than one
could possibly use signified affluence and high status. That was the point of
the impractical extra space at Donald Trump's palace, Mar a Lago, or the
hundreds of pairs of shoes owned by former Philippines First Lady Imelda
Marcos. In that context, growth came from selling bigger portions, larger
cars, and more of everything, guaranteeing waste. Of course, one person's
waste was another person's waste management company; I know many
immigrants who attained the American dream through scrap metal.
Page 18
He drove for two hours
until the engine began to
splutter and the car just
stopped. He jumped out and
began to run down the
street, over a brick wall,
into someone's front garden
and up the apple tree.
He turned around to find
the gorilla right behind him
beating its chest.
The man jumped down and
ran back in to the street
screaming, until it became
dark and he thought he'd
lost the gorilla.
The man ran into an
alleyway then, suddenly, he
saw a giant shadow coming
down the street ahead.
The gorilla!
It came to the end of the
alley, stood and looked
striaght into the bloodshoot
eyes of the man and came
towards him slowly.
This time there was no
escape. As the gorilla
neared him, the man began
to feel faint.
The giant beast came face
to face with him, raised its
mighty hand and said,
“Tag! You're it!”
(Kathy Parsons is a regular
In today's less-forgiving times, it's not enough to hide conspicuous
consumption behind gated communities, cloth coats,
or vans instead of limousines, and to give up corporate jets
and lavish parties. It is imperative (and good business)
to better use underutilized assets, not simply to reduce waste.
Munch on some food examples. In Boston, order Peking duck, and get the
skin and some meat. In Hong Kong, Peking duck includes the skin, meat,
and broth in separate courses. In Beijing, Peking duck uses all of the above
plus adds the bones — no waste. A Taiwanese executive friend who
summers on Cape Cod visits the docks most mornings to ask fishing crews
for the fish heads they discard. Creative cooks invent wonderful dishes out
of leftovers, tossing the rest in the compost pile to enrich the soil.
Don't take me literally. The idea is unlock the hidden value of something that
would otherwise be wasted. Used tires — a major pollution problem — are
being used by Cemex in road beds in Mexico and by Brazilian artists in Sao
Paulo to create attractive, comfortable furniture.
Companies recycle cans and bottles but rarely create innovations out of
them. An entrepreneur friend made watch faces out of discarded soda bottle
caps, selling them as fashion watches (at high margins considering the zero
cost of the bottle caps). Students in a high school chemistry class in New
Hampshire collected used cooking oil from local restaurants to convert into
fuel that they hoped would run school buses, while extracting the glycerin to
make soap that they sold to fund their experiment. Talk about synergies.
What byproducts have hidden value? Companies are experimenting with
carbon capture that can reduce carbon footprints while being used for
carbonated beverages. Zoos have been particularly creative with the kind of
waste-we-don't-talk-about-in-polite-company (and I don't mean composting
toilets, although that might be a good idea too). Toronto and Singapore zoos
took the lead in creating a profitable line of fertilizers for home gardens by
processing and packaging animal waste under the brand name "Zoo Doo."
Space often goes to waste. Companies can turn unused conference rooms
into training centers for other organizations. Airports recognize that the areas
between gates are retail sales opportunities; the Pittsburgh airport was
among the first to be a destination shopping mall, not just a transportation
platform. WPP grew to a global advertising giant from a company making
wire shopping carts when managers realized the carts could hold advertising
placards. Minute Clinics in CVS pharmacies offer routine health services in
underutilized areas near aspirins and greeting cards. I've urged branch banks
Page 19
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
to give floor space to neighborhood merchants for displays and
demonstration, building community value and bringing traffic to the branch.
Human energy can also be put to better use. Years ago I joked that
communities could generate electricity by from runners on a giant treadmill.
Then I discovered that this idea is the basis of actual experiments.
Bicycles power computers for children in remote
villages that lack electricity.
So why not go further? What if every office had a health center
connected to a generator? Employees could get exercise
while displays show them how much power they are producing.
Get fit and keep the lights on at the same time.
Of course, it's also essential to better utilize the most underutilized asset of
all in many companies: brainpower. Employee imagination could be used to
search for trash, literal or figurative, with innovation value.
Mount a campaign for the best ideas about using underutilized or discarded
assets. There's nothing to lose — it's wasted anyway — and a great deal to
gain. Besides, chairs made out of used tires are great for the beach, and
compost plus Zoo Doo grow wonderful gardens.
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Don't throw your old TVs away!
All electronics can be dropped off for recycling at either
Domino Lane & Umbria St.
State Rd. & Ashburner St. in Philadelphia
at the
Streets Department Sanitation Convenience Centers,
Monday through Saturday
8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
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Weavers Way #5 plastics recycling resumes
Fellow Recyclers,
Weavers Way collection of #5 plastics, which are not included in the City’s
recycling program, will be on the 3rd Saturday of each month: April 17th.
The collections take place at the co-op's garage,
at 542 Carpenter Lane,
Page 20
The difference between the
right word and the almost
right word is the difference
between lightning and the
lightening bug… Mark
If you would like to
report on a recent
community event, feel
free to send us a brief
account of what
happened in document
format, and we will
share it with our
Send your information
to: News From The
Coalition, Inc.
All entries for
submission should be
received by noon, the
Monday prior to
publish date and in
Press Release form.
which is across the street and a bit further down the block from the Big Blue
Marble bookstore.
Please note that we need volunteers to keep this project going. (Weavers
Way members can get work credit for helping us; work shifts are available
on co-op's the online calendar.)
The #5 category includes yogurt cups, sour cream containers, hummus tubs,
some medicine bottles, and more. Your recyclables must be clean and dry to
be accepted. Check to make sure there are no other materials (paper, screws,
other number plastics) on the items you bring in. Impurities of any kind
compromise the recycling process and usually lead to the discarding of an
entire batch. Exclude any lids unless they are clearly marked #5. (Most lids
from #5 containers are #4 plastic, but this is not always the case.)
We ask recyclers for a small donation to cover postage costs of mailing the
recyclables to the Gimme 5 processing facility in New York.
Before bringing your #5s to the collection, be sure that they meet the
requirements for Gimme 5:
All items must be CLEAN and DRY. If they contained food or any oily or
dirty product, make sure they have been washed, not just rinsed. Items
stacked when wet tend to stay wet, so allow washed items to dry fully before
stacking or packing.
The #5 stamp needs to be visible on each item. Lids are separate items.
Don’t assume lids are the same number plastic as the container; sometimes
they are but usually they are not. Check to make sure there are no other
materials (labels, paper, other number plastics, metal) on the items you bring
Brita filters are also welcome! Let them air dry for several days to make sure
they are completely dry.
We'll see you soon!
Carolyn, Helen, Priscilla and Stevik
of the Weavers Way Environment Committee
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Recycling Services Inc. in Pottstown takes styrofoam on Saturday and
Tuesday mornings.
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For sustainable enterprise go to Green Jobs Philly
Page 21
(This is supposedly a true
On a recent weekend in
Atlantic City, a woman won
a bucketful of quarters at a
slot machine. She took a
break from the slots for
dinner with her husband in
the hotel dining room.
But first she wanted to
stash the quarters in her
room.' I'll be right back
and we'll go eat,' she told
her husband and she
carried the coin-laden
bucket to the elevator.
As she was about to walk
into the elevator she noticed
two men already aboard.
Both were black. One of
them was big... very big...
an intimidating figure. The
woman froze. Her first
thought was: These two are
going to rob me. Her next
thought was: Don't be a
bigot, they look like
perfectly nice gentlemen.
But racial stereotypes are
powerful, and fear
immobilized her. She stood
and stared at the two men.
She felt anxious, flustered,
and ashamed. She hoped
they didn't read her mind,
but knew they surely did;
her hesitation about joining
them on the elevator was all
too obvious. Her face was
flushed. She couldn't just
stand there, so with a
mighty effort of will she
picked up one foot and
stepped forward and
followed with the other foot
and was on the elevator.
Avoiding eye contact, she
turned around stiffly and
faced the elevator doors as
they closed. A second
passed, and then another
second, and then another.
Her fear increased. The
elevator didn't move. Panic
consumed her. (cont.)
Protect Yourself from Carjacking
Carjacking is the taking of a motor vehicle in the possession of another
by means of force or fear. Security conscious drivers are less likely to be
a victim of carjacking than those who are careless. Crimes can take place
at any time but more often take place at night, and are more often
committed by young males. Top spots for carjacking include
intersections and parking lots at malls, apartments, businesses and
schools. The following precautions will reduce your chances of being
Getting In
• Reduce your chances of being carjacked by walking to your car
purposefully, and stay alert.
• Approach your car with the key in hand. Look around and inside
the car before getting in.
Getting Out
• Park in well-lighted areas, near sidewalks or walkways. Avoid
parking near dumpsters, wooded areas, large vans or trucks, or
anything else that limits your visibility.
• Never leave valuables in plain view even if the car is locked. Put
them in the trunk or out of sight.
• Keep doors locked and windows rolled up, no matter how short
the distance or how safe the area.
• Look around, especially at places where you slow down or stop
such as garages and parking lots, intersections, self-serve gas
stations and car washes, highway entry and exit ramps, and
• When coming to a stop, leave enough room to maneuver around
other cars, especially if you sense trouble and need to get away.
• Avoid driving alone, if possible. Travel with someone,
especially at night.
• Don’t stop to assist a stranger whose car has broken down. Help
instead by using your cell phone or driving to the nearest phone
and calling police to help.
• Always keep your car well maintained, and make sure you have
plenty of gas. (Develop the attitude that anything below ½ tank
Page 22
'My God, she thought, I'm
trapped and about to be
robbed' Her heart
plummeted. Perspiration
poured from every pore.
Then of the men said,
"Hit the floor." Instinct
told her: Do what they tell
you. The bucket of quarters
flew upwards as she threw
out her arms and collapsed
on the elevator carpet. A
shower of coins rained
down on her. Take my
money and spare me, she
More seconds passed. She
heard one of the men say
politely, 'Ma'am, if you'll
just tell us what floor you're
going to, we'll push the
The one who said it had a
little trouble getting the
words out. He was trying
mightily to hold in a belly
laugh. She lifted her head
and looked up at the two
men. They reached down to
help her up. Confused, she
struggled to her feet. 'When
I told my man here to hit
the floor,' said the average
sized one, 'I meant that he
should hit the elevator
button for our floor. I
didn't mean for you to hit
the floor, ma'am.' He spoke
genially. He bit his lip. It
was obvious he was having
a hard time not laughing.
She thought: 'My God,
what a spectacle I've made
of myself.' She was too
humiliated to speak. She
wanted to blurt out an
apology, but words failed
her. How do you apologize
to two perfectly respectable
gentlemen for behaving as
though they were going to
rob you? She didn't know
what to say. (cont.)
is critical)
If It Happens to You
• If the carjacker threatens you with a gun or other weapon, give
up your car. Don’t argue. Your life is worth more than a car.
• Get away as quickly as possible.
• Contact the police immediately.
For a more aggressive role in your protection:
200 Free Scholarships For Minorities (NEW UPDATED 2010
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HIV/AIDS Prevention Workshop
Workshop Summary
Culturally-Relevant Communication about HIV/AIDS is an interactive and
user-friendly workshop. Ivan J. Juzang, MEE President and Founder will
examine the environmental influences, attitudes and behaviors and unique
communication style of urban, ethnic and other hard-to-reach audiences;
review theories and techniques for
developing cost-effective and culturally-relevant communication strategies;
and then show session attendees how to apply these learnings to their own
HIV/AIDS testing programs, prevention services and outreach efforts.
Learning Objectives
After attending the session, attendees will have the background necessary to
more effectively communicate with their target audiences about sex, sexuality
and HIV/AIDS. They will also have a clearer understanding of media
consumption patterns and other social factors that impact sexual decisionmaking;
and the attitudes, motivations and perceptions of minorities on
healthy sexuality and HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and treatment. Such
page 23
The 3 of them gathered up
the strewn quarters and
refilled her bucket. When
the elevator arrived at her
floor, they insisted on
walking her to her room.
She seemed a little unsteady
on her feet, and they were
afraid she might not make
it down the corridor. At her
door they bid her a good
evening. As she slipped into
her room she could hear
them roaring with laughter
while they walked back to
the elevator. The woman
brushed herself off. She
pulled herself together and
went downstairs for dinner
with her husband.
The next morning flowers
were delivered to her rooma
dozen roses. Attached to
EACH rose was a crisp one
hundred-dollar bill. The
card said: 'Thanks for the
best laugh we've had in
It was signed,
Eddie Murphy & Michael
information will help interventionists, community-based organizations and
providers develop innovative and effective messages and services targeted to
minority audiences.
Workshop Description:
Topics explored during the session include:
The environmental context, peer group dynamics and social interactions that
influence sexual behaviors;
How service providers can be more culturally aware, and increase the
effectiveness of their outreach, media and materials; and
Strategies for attracting the hardest-to-reach audiences to HIV-prevention,
testing and treatment programs.
For more information on other workshops and schedules visit their website
To inquire about a MEE Workshop at Your Organization call 215.829.4920
or Email here
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At- Risk Youth
Annie E. Casey Foundation
A private charitable organization dedicated to helping build better futures for
disadvantaged children in the United States. The foundation offers
community-focused grants. The site also has several publications. Provides
funding to both 501(c)(3) and local/state government. Organizations wishing
to send a proposal to the Foundation should submit a letter of no more than
three pages explaining the organization and its project and how the money
will be used. Send the letters to: The AEC Foundation; Attn: Office of the
President; 701 Saint Paul St.; Baltimore, MD 21202.
Phone: 410-547-6600
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AOL Time Warner Foundation
The AOL Time Warner Foundation is dedicated to using the power of
media, communications and information technology to serve the public
interest and strengthen society. However, rather than simply providing grant
monies or funding unsolicited requests, the foundation prefers to enter into
sustainable strategic partnerships with organizations that have a
demonstrated commitment to pioneering innovative ways of meeting four
Page 24
Our talents are the gift that
God gives to us... What we
make of our talents is our
gift back to God. - Leo
priorities: Equipping kids for the 21st century; Extending Internet benefits to
all; Engaging communities in the arts; and Empowering citizens and civic
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AT&T Foundation
The AT&T Foundation seeks to educate, enrich, engage, and empower the
communities served by AT&T. The Foundation's funding areas are
education, civic and community service, and arts and culture.
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Beaumont Foundation
The Beaumont Foundation of America (BFA), a non-profit philanthropic
organization, is dedicated to the enriching the lives of individuals by
providing technology to historically underserved schools and communities.
The foundation believes technologies are essential tools for progress in the
21st century, and that given access to digital information, people will have
an equal opportunity to advance socially, economically and intellectually.
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The Student Achievement Grants program provides grants of $5,000 each
to improve the academic achievement of students by engaging in critical
thinking and problem solving that deepen knowledge of standards-based
subject matter. The work should also improve students’ habits of inquiry,
self-directed learning, and critical reflection. Proposals for work resulting in
low-income and minority student success with honors, advanced placement,
and other challenging curricula are particularly encouraged. Grant funds may
be used for resource materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, software,
and scholars-in-residence.
Applicants must be practicing U.S. public school teachers in grades K-12,
public school education support professionals, or faculty and staff at public
higher education institutions.
Visit the NEA Foundation Web site for complete grant program information
RFP Link:
For additional RFPs in Education, visit:
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NIH Summer Institute on Community-Based Participatory Research
The National Institutes of Health has announced the 2nd summer institute.
We are thrilled to see that the organizers have responded to CommunityPage
“When I hear somebody
sigh, "Life is hard," I am
always tempted to ask,
"Compared to what?"”
…Sydney J. Harris
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
Campus Partnerships for Health’s (CCPH) comments on last year's summer
When the 1st NIH institute on CBPR was announced, CCPH expressed
concern about its exclusive focus on academic researchers.
In CBPR, the community is involved at the very start of the research,
so it was incongruent that the institute did not include the community
partners or acknowledge the possibility of a community partner as a
principal investigator or co-PI.
This summer's institute has been designed for community-academic partner
teams (see below for details).
CCPH has successfully implemented community-academic partner teambased
model of CBPR training:
The training curriculum, "Developing and Sustaining CBPR Partnerships" is
available online at
If you're interested in bringing a CBPR training workshop or institute to your
location, contact CCPH senior consultant Rachel Vaughn at for more information.
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Banta Company Foundation
The Banta Company Foundation provides funding for at-risk youth and
delinquency prevention initiatives. The funds can be used for equipment,
general/operating expenses, seed money, program development, as well as
other areas. For more information please contact: Banta Company
Foundation; 225 Main Street; PO Box 8003; Menasha,WI 54952-8003.
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Best Buy Children's Foundation
The mission of the Best Buy Children's Foundation is to improve the lives of
youth aged 5 - 18 in communities where Best Buy maintains a business
presence. The Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations with
innovative approaches to developing life skills in young people through
education, mentoring, and leadership development. Funds can be used for:
program development; direct project support; specific curriculum
development; and scholarship aid for participants in life skills or mentoring
Page 26
Far from being the product
of a democratic revolution
and of an opposition to
English institutions, the
constitution of the United
States was the result of a
powerful reaction against
democracy, and in favor of
the traditions of the mother
country. - John Acton
programs. The Foundation typically awards grants ranging from $2000 -
$10,000 to nonprofits.
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Healthy Community Outreach Program
will be granted to nonprofit organizations to support grassroots efforts which
increase awareness on critical health initiatives through health walks, health
fairs and health education outreach.
Grants up to $25,000 will be considered.
Please provide all levels of event sponsorships on your application.
Nonprofit organizations with evidence of IRS 501(c)(3) designation or de
facto tax-exempt status may apply for a grant, with the following exceptions
advertising; capital campaigns; grants or scholarships to individuals;
multiyear requests; political causes and events; or religious organizations in
support of their sacramental or theological functions.>Awards
Ongoing Deadline
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Ben and Jerry's Foundation
Ben and Jerry's Foundation has no specific program areas. The Foundation
seeks projects that lead to societal change or address the root causes of
problems. The Foundation awards grants ranging in amount from $1,000 to
$15,000. Applicants must submit a letter of interest at any time during the
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Even if you do not have a college-aged child at home, please share this with
someone who does, pass this scholarship information on to anyone and
everyone that comes to mind. Though there are a number of companies and
organizations that have donated moneys for scholarship use to African
Americans, a great deal of the money is being returned because of a lack of
No one is going to knock on our doors and ask if we can use a scholarship.
Take the initiative to get your children involved. There is no need for money
to be returned to donating companies
because we fail to apply for it.
Page 27
To manage a system
effectively, you might focus
on the interactions of the
parts rather than their
behavior taken separately. -
Russell L. Ackoff
Please pass this information on to family members, nieces, nephews, and
friends with children etc. We must get the word out that money is available.
If you are a college student or getting ready to become one, you probably
already know how useful additional money can be.
Our youth really could use these scholarships. Thanks!!
For a list of scholarships please visit our group ‘The Coalition, Inc.’
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
SpotLight On Our Efforts
In 1996, a group of children from Salem Mission Baptist Church needed
activities to keep them occupied but funds were low. So the youth group set
out to find free fun things for them to do. The very first trip was to a free
grandparents’ festival, in Fort Washington, PA. This event gave out free
samples of different products to the children; they played interactive games,
and had a great time. That trip attended by four families marked the
beginning of the Creative Kids Club that now has over 75 families and are
still growing.
Children in our club must be “creative” in motion in everything they do; this
is the purpose of our name. We strive to bring out the creativity of our
members through exposing them to art craft workshops, recreational
activities and cultural events.
The Creative Kids Club members are youth (ages 1 to 18) and their families,
of all socioeconomic levels, and diverse multicultural religious beliefs.
Whether they’re foster children, youngsters cared for by their grandparents,
little one from single or two parent homes or developmentally delayed
children, we even managed to create an enriching symbiosis between the
club’s special needs members and seniors. We strive to teach our children
by being different are what make you special. The developmentally delayed
children and youth integrate and increase their self-esteem when they are
included as members of the club. Likewise, senior citizens on limited
income have gotten in on the Creative Kids Club action; they enjoy the
company of the youth who appreciate having a grandparent around.
The Creative Kids Club’s programs are design to provide structured
developmentally appropriate recreational services in the areas of program
development, recreational interaction and training/workshops. Our motto is
Page 28
It is not how old you are,
but how you are old… Jules
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
“You Provide the Family, We’ll Provide the Fun.”
Our mission is to provide recreational and educational events, activities and
workshops that empower our families and youth, to strength and enhance
personal growth, education, self-sufficiency and leadership.
Our vision is to provide recreational resource for individual and families to
recreationally interact as a family unit.
Creative Kids Club is a member of The Coalition, Inc. See their new webs
To contact Creative Kids Club:
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
Village of the Arts and Humanities
The Village of Arts and Humanities, located at
2544 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19133,
seeks to build community through its innovative education, social,
construction and arts programs. In all of its projects and activities, the
Village seeks to do justice to the humanity of people who live in inner-city
North Philadelphia and in similar urban situations.
The need for a new urban landscape in 1986, spawned The Village Arts and
Humanities (the Village) of North Philadelphia. Emerging as an outgrowth
from a place Arthur Hall named Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Center—Ile Ife
is drawn from Yoruba (Nigeria) cosmology and means the birthplace of
humanity and also the “House of Love”--the Village was incarnated from a
small neighborhood park project headed by Lily Yeh, the Village founder
and two African American men in recovery from substance abuse. Since its
inception, the Village has transformed a 260 square block area of North
Philadelphia, one block at a time through a neighborhood revitalization
program that has evolved into a major provider of arts-inspired programs
including education, land transformation, construction, and economic
Fast forward 20 years, and you can’t miss the impact of the Village within
the community, starting with the larger than life murals, and colorful tile
mosaics that punctuate housing projects, parks, even sidewalks as a visual
Page 29
One comes to believe
whatever one repeats to
oneself sufficiently often,
whether the statement be
true or false. It comes to be
dominating thought in
one's mind. Robert Collier
If you would like to
report on a recent
community event, feel
free to send us a brief
account of what
happened in document
format, and we will
share it with our
Send your information
to: News From The
Coalition, Inc.
All entries for
submission should be
received by noon, the
Monday prior to
publish date and in
Press Release form.
testament to the work being done to improve the lives of North Philadelphia
Today, we are a multi-faceted, professionally staffed, arts organization,
governed by a community-based board of directors. We have won numerous
local and international awards and citations for innovation and achievement,
and earned high marks within the community for serving thousands of lowincome,
primarily underserved African American dwellers. However, North
Philadelphia could well be anywhere around the globe where people suffer
due to cultural differences or economic inequities; and that is why our
program resonates so strongly worldwide.
We foster a new multiculturalism that embraces the gifts and the challenges
expressed by all cultures and people. Our programs seek to tap into the
common threads of all communities that have been labeled at risk,
underprivileged, impoverished, undereducated, and stressed to create
anomalies in the same undeniable way that the blues, gospel, jazz and even
hip hop have done, with cross cultural success. We know that the Arts
transcend race, culture, religion, education, socioeconomic background,
gender, sexual orientation, age, or ableism.
Our work is described as provocative, muscular and risky. We are not
limited by convention but instead boldly redefine art to incorporate
environmental justice, greening and beautification, as well as community
Solid is the foundation from which we were originated. Lily Yeh endeavored
under difficult situations and limited resources to make work that has forever
shifted perceptions in the lives of oppressed people living in urban settings.
We value our staff, board of directors and volunteers and recognize their
ability to affect change.
If you are interested in learning more about the Village’s arts and
environmental programs, special events, performances, volunteer
opportunities, and other ways to help, please contact our Volunteer/Outreach
coordinator at 215.225.7830 or
The Village of Arts and Humanities is a member of The Coalition, Inc.
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
The mission of
The Children's Advocacy Project (CAP)
is to help bridge the gap between the many quality social service agencies in
the Philadelphia area and the families that need their help the most. To
bridge this gap, we aim to empower and to inform those that care for the
children of Philadelphia through this web site. The CAP will assist families,
health care professionals, and social service providers by furnishing the tools
necessary to connect families in need to the appropriate social service
agencies that serve them.
Page 30
A great attitude does much
more than turn on the
lights in our worlds; it
seems to magically connect
us to all sorts of
serendipitous opportunities
that were somehow absent
before the change. Earl
To continue our series of Cap4Kids Hints of the Week and the root causes of
violence in our city, let's consider Lead Poisoning.
Lead poisoning directly affects our children's developing brain and several
studies (see attached PDF from Minneapolis Dept. of Health) show a direct
correlation between Lead exposure, anti-social behavior and violence.
On the website, under the Safety Handout
(, there
are links to the Childhood Lead Prevention Program of Philadelphia, as well
as Free Home Safety inspections to pick up lead in the environment
BEFORE the toxic effects affects our children.
Daniel R. Taylor, D.O., FAAP
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
Website Offers Revolutionary Green Alternatives
for Communities/Nations
Greetings. I hope that you and your business/ organizations are all
doing well. As we enter into a new year, I expect that many of us
have already envisioned what we would like to accomplish in this
new year. As long as we have positive intentions for not just ourselves
but also our fellow inhabitants on this planet
as well as the mother Earth herself, may the Creator of the Universe
bless our visions and goals to become a material manifestation.
I would like to invite everyone to visit
I am one of the co-founders of this organization. While the initiative
of this organization focuses on improving the lives of the African
Diaspora and building up eco-friendly, peaceful, self sustaining and
prosperous communities in their ancestral lands, we extend a welcome
hand for all to check a part of our vision out by visiting our site.
Our site was put in video format for simplicity and visuals to keep
the interests of our visitors. When you first click on the provided
website address, you will notice that we begin with our goals on
dealing with electricity. There are actually two clips explaining the
same technology, we recommend the second clip for a more detailed
explanation on how this technology works. The following two clips
deals with how we plan on providing clean water to the citizens and
Page 31
If there is any great secret
of success in life, it lies in
the ability to put yourself in
the other person’s place
and to see things from his
point of view - as well as
your own. – Henry Ford
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
then water recycling.
The fifth video demonstrates how sewer systems are unnecessary.
There are many issues that we tackle on our site. We are currently in
talks with university and reverse engineers to have these technologies
made at a lower cost and with high quality specifications.
Any feedback or suggestions is welcome and any donations would
be highly appreciated.
There is a lot of useful information and we encourage all to take
advantage of of it and to view it for themselves, we're confident that
you will be excited as we are once you see the potential in such
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
I see little of more importance to the future of our country and of civilization than full recognition of the
place of the artist. If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his
vision wherever it takes him. Pauline Kael
Writing Radio Drama Workshop
Character, plot, story, description, soundscape, dialogue, these and more are
the elements that combine in the author controlled medium of dramatic
This radio scriptwriting workshop will guide workshop participants through
the process of creating short radio plays for WPEB. Participants should
come to this workshop with a story idea for a topic or issue relevant to their
community, and be prepared to get dramatic!
More info on the instructor, Ed Shockley:
INSTRUCTOR: Award-winning writer and 2008 Pew Fellow Ed Shockley
has authored more than 70 plays, films and the new book, Notes from a
Practicing Writer. His radio credits include head writer for the NPR show,
The Corner and Unsung Heroes; actor in Ismael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo; and
co-creator of the Philadelphia Dramatists Center Radio Play initiative.
DATES: Mondays, April 26, May 3, 10, 17, 24 TIME: 7:00-9:00 PM;
Location: Scribe Video Center,
4212 Chestnut Street, 3rd Floor
Fee: $75. Free to members of the WPEB 88.1 FM community
Boone T. Nguyen
Program Manager
Scribe Video Center
4212 Chestnut Street, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Page 32
" such a world of
conflict, a world of victims
and executioners, it is the
job of thinking people, not
to be on the side of the
executioners." -
Albert Camus
p. 215-222-4201
f. 215-222-4205
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2009
5:00 p.m.
A Special Jazz Vespers Performance
Barbara Montgomery
presents the
6th Annual Mother's Day Concert
with Tom Lawton, piano, Lee Smith, bass, and Ed Dennis, drums
Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion
2110 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Ms. Montgomery's music:
"think Benny Carter's alto with lyrics...a woman with something to offer..."
George Harris, All About Jazz
"a measure of spiritual intensity that goes far beyond..."
Free Will Offering to benefit:
the farmhouse: a retreat for artists and others
with a commitment to the mentorship of youth
the mission of the Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
Page 33
The best executive is the
one who has sense enough
to pick good men to do what
he wants done, and selfrestraint
enough to keep
from meddling with them
while they do it… Theodore
SAVE the DATE for the 2010 West Oak Lane Jazz and Arts Festival
Mark your calendars for another fabulous festival in West Oak Lane
third weekend in June 2010.
For more information about volunteering, vending, and sponsorship, visit .
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
Jus’ Words at Dowlings Place
1310 No. Broad St. Phila
Every Thurs. 9pm to 1am
• Poets
• Rappers
• Singers
• Spoken Word Artists
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
All invited to join us on a Spiritual Journey for Peace
Philadelphia – 7th Annual
Walking Dialogue and Reflection among Jews, Muslims, Christians,
Sikh, Buddhist, Baha'i, Hindu, and others
Celebrate with Prayer, Music, and Sharing
SUNDAY, 25 APRIL 2010 - 2:00pm
Wear WHITE as an expression of UNITY
Hickman Temple African Methodist Episcopal
(5001 Baltimore)
St Francis de Sales Roman Catholic
(4625 Springfield)
Page 34
"All of the great leaders
have had one characteristic
in common: it was the
willingness to confront
unequivocally the major
anxiety of their people in
their time. This, and not
much else, is the essence of
leadership."— John
Kenneth Galbraith
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
Calvary United Methodist Church
(Kol Tzedek; West Phila Mennonite)
(801 S 48th at Baltimore)
* * * *
Al-Aqsa Islamic Society
1501 Germantown Avenue (3rd/Jefferson)
Free parking. Buses carry walkers to and back from Walk
A bus will follow walkers for those who need to ride part of all of the way
Emergency medical assistance will be available.
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
Greetings Everyone,
Our 1st fund-raiser event at Champagne Cafe' was so nice we had to do it
On Saturday May 1, 2010
will be hosting a Beef-Turkey and unlimited beer fundraiser for our youth
programs at
Coo's Sports Bar & Lounge
located at
822 N. Broad St.
This is a newly renovated & spacious facility that serves great food! Tickets
are only $20 and are being sold by several board members, if you would like
to purchase a ticket & support our youth programs please respond back to
this e-mail. Tickets are going fast so please don't delay there was a limited
number of ticket's printed.
Page 35
"No institution can possibly
survive if it needs geniuses
or supermen to manage it.
It must be organized in
such a way as to be able to
get along under a
leadership composed of
average human beings." —
Peter Drucker
Thank You For Your Support!
A. Nasir
(215) 983-7841
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
The Philadelphia International Action Center will once again be holding a
This year it will be on Saturday, MAY 8.
Please consider donating any used (or new) items that you are eager to be rid
of that someone else may treasure or be eager to have.
We can also use plants and bake goods.
If you have items to donate, give us a call at 215-724-1618 or email
Call for location
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
Paul “Earthquake” Moore Presents
11th Annual
Weekend of Peace
Friday, May 14th, 2010
from 8-11 p.m.
Elmwood Skating Rink
2400 S. 71st St.
$10 Donation- dedicated to youth activities in Philly/DE County
Motorcycle Ride for Peace
Page 36
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
Saturday, May 15th, 2010
Begins at 11 a.m.
at Broad St. & Pattison Ave.
Ride sponsored by the State Burners MC
Riders Wanted
Dep. Comm. Steven Johnson to kickoff the ceremony
Sponsored by: Pasco, Inc.
For more information, contact Paul “Earthquake” Moore at
215-385-2696 or
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
The Officers and Councilors of the
Historical Society of Pennsylvania present
Thursday, April 29, 2010, at 6:00 p.m.
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
1300 Locust Street, Philadelphia
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Our Building
Cokie Roberts, Jerry and Marciarose Shestack,
and Henry Lafayette Collins III
If you would like to receive an invitation, please
contact Emilie Kretschmar at 215-732-6200 ext.300
For more information, click here.
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
Page 37
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
(May 19-21, 2010)
Important Conference for Community Leaders
As a leader in your community--whether you define that "community" as
family, neighborhood, region, and/or group affiliation--you know the
challenges and triumphs of doing that work effectively.
I-LEAD and the POWER Coalition would like to invite you to an upcoming
conference designed for leaders just like you, to provide opportunities for
supporting your work, for disseminating useful information and resources,
and networking with other leaders from the Philadelphia region.
The conference, entitled "Yes We Can! Be Part of the Change...Be Part of
the Movement," is being held from May 19-21 in historic Valley Forge. On
May 20, workshop topics--focusing on higher education, community
technology, health care reform, violence prevention, faith-based initiatives,
etc.--are designed to be relevant to today's community leaders, to encourage
sharing, and are organized around the principles and concepts of the CPR
The CPR (Community Through Personal Responsibility) Blueprint was
developed and articulated in conjunction with other community leaders, and
has grown since its inception in 2006. We would like to share this with you,
and invite you to share it with other leaders, whether or not you decide to
attend the May conference. This document is available for download
If you would like to receive more information about the conference, please
contact Veronica Norris (Chair, Conference Planning Team):
(877) 427-8092 Ext. 2 or
If you would like more information about the CPR Blueprint, please contact
Denise Kirkland (Director of Organizational Development):
(877) 427-7037 or
We hope to hear from you, and hope the values and commitments of the
CPR Blueprint resonate with your work. Most importantly, we hope to meet
you at the upcoming conference!
Donna Diehl 215-707-1827 [voice]
* * * Outside PA * * *
Page 38
Two confirmed bachelors
sat talking, their
conversation drifted from
politics to cooking. “I got a
cookbook once,” said one,
“but I could never do
anything with it.” “Too
much fancy work in it, eh?”
asked the other. “You said
it. Every one of the recipes
began the same way – Take
a clean dish.”
MAY 1st: the 6th Annual MAY DAY MARCH in NYC!
Saturday, May 1, 2010
12:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: UNION SQUARE 14th St. & Broadway, Manhattan
14th St. & Broadway, Manhattan
Rebel Diaz Arts Collective Bronx & May 1st Present:
MAY DAY FREEDOM FEST -Invest in our Youth!
Hip-Hop Concert in Support of Immigrant & Worker Rights. Performances
by New York’s leading artists & youth!
Join thousands of workers and immigrants demanding FULL RIGHTS
Tell Senator Schumer Real Immigration Reform Means:
• Stop Criminalizing Immigrants
• Not Just TPS, Amnesty for Haitian Immigrants Repeal NAFTA/CAFTA
• Political Asylum for Victor Toro
• Stop Sexual Trafficking
The Schumer Plan is not “Comprehensive Immigration reform.” It is
Sensenbrenner with another name, it will lead to an increase in raids &
punishment of immigrants.
Visit: For information call: 212.633.6646 Volunteers
Page 39
“You have two ears and one
mouth, use them in the
same proportion.” Ancient
Chinese saying
If you would like to
report on a recent
community event, feel
free to send us a brief
account of what
happened in document
format, and we will
share it with our
Send your information
to: News From The
Coalition, Inc.
All entries for
submission should be
received by noon, the
Monday prior to
publish date and in
Press Release form.
Needed! Email:
55 W. 17th St. 5th Fl. Manhattan
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
A Celebration of Black Women! An empowering, motivational, and
entertaining forum that targets the specific needs and interests of Black
Women! General sessions and seminars addressing critical issues facing
Black Women from a pool of critically acclaimed presenters! Live
Entertainment from some of today's hottest new talent.
The Women of Color Expo 2010 offers your company the opportunity to
participate in an integrated consumer-marketing platform geared to drive
awareness and promote the trial of your products. Key areas of the expo
include beauty treatments, hair demonstrations, educational seminars and
live entertainment featuring some of today's hottest talent.
The purpose of the "Women of Color Expo" is to reach out to aspiring and
achieving women in the community from entry level to professionals. The
expo will serve as a nucleus of support to identify and address the critical
needs of women of color in the workforce as it relates to their career
mobility and personal achievements.
The Chris Kerry group would be honored to have you attend the
"Women of Color Expo"
held at the
Downtown Philadelphia Marriott
May 8th 2010
GlenPointe Marriott
Teaneck, New Jersey
August 14th 2010.
Dates for Baltimore and Detroit coming soon.
For questions about: sponsorship, vending and general inquiries
please contact Kym at Raveena Media Group for more
Ph: 267-386-8204 ext. 2 or
Subj:"Women of Color"
Page 40
"Trust your own instinct.
Your mistakes might as well
be your own, instead of
someone else's."- Billy
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
Group offers low-cost web access to nonprofits
Mobile Citizen, a provider of mobile broadband for education and
nonprofits, will offer a Technology Assistance Grant program beginning in
January to provide non-profit organizations with affordable access to the
Available only in Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia, the grant
includes reduced-price service from Mobile Citizen, with unlimited usage
for only $10/month or $120/year per account. It bundles Mobile Citizen’s
wireless broadband, powered by WiMAX, a fourth generation (4G)
technology from Clearwire Corporation with a variety of benefits available
only to grantees, including:
-- 12 months of service from Mobile Citizen extended to 15 months atno
additional charge. With this, nonprofits receive three free months of service
per account.
-- Dedicated Mobile Citizen Customer Care customized for non-profit
-- A free one-year membership to NTEN, a nonprofit technology network,
ongoing information and news as well as access to a support community.
-- A choice of additional benefits including an educational webinar series.
For more information, email Kecia Carroll.
I am the founder of the
C.N.A.s (Christians "N" Action)
which is a ministry that has a heart for people and their needs.
We feed our community on a weekly basis and provide clothing to them but,
lately we haven't been able to because we have been out of funds. I have
tried to solicit funds for some time now. No one seems to be able to help.
While prayers are fine people still need food. The provisions have come outof-
pocket (mine) up until this time, but I have run dry. I believe that people
want to make a change in their lives if some of us are willing to lend a hand.
(864) 207-0488
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
Skip A Meal For Haiti
Most Americans eat at least three meals a day. Some eat more often.
Page 41
"It is said an Eastern
monarch once charged his
wise men to invent him a
sentence to be ever in view,
and which should be true
and appropriate in all times
and situations. They
presented him the words:
‘And this, too, shall pass
away.’" - Abraham
If you would like to
report on a recent
community event, feel
free to send us a brief
account of what
happened in document
format, and we will
share it with our
Send your information
to: News From The
Coalition, Inc.
All entries for
submission should be
received by noon, the
Monday prior to
publish date and in
Press Release form.
Millions of people in Haiti have not had a meal in one week and a good meal
in recent memory. Will you skip a meal for the people of Haiti and send the
money to a relief agency?
Will you not eat one meal, on one day so that they can eat for a week?
The cost of lunch at almost any affordable restaurant in America is between
$5.00 and $14.00. Some restaurants have menus that serve four and five
course dinners that can cost as much as $100.00 per person, not including
beverages. For as little as two dollars a day, you can help provide food,
drinking water and some sanitation supplies for a Haitian child or adult. A
$14.00 contribution can help feed and hydrate a Haitian child for a week. We
can all afford to make a difference!
The Black Star Project is asking you to miss at least one meal this week for
the people of Haiti and to send the money that you would have spent on your
breakfast, lunch or dinner to a relief fund that is on the ground working in
Many people say they want to go to Haiti to help those affected by the
earthquake. The cost of a round trip flight from New York City to Port-au-
Prince, Haiti is more than $2,000.00. Decent hotel lodging, which is
virtually impossible to find in Haiti, might cost another $2,000.00 for one
week. And your mouth would become another mouth to feed of more than 2
million people who need food and water day.
Instead of going to Haiti, will you miss a lunch for Haiti and send the money
you would have spent on that lunch to one of the on-the-ground relief
agencies listed below:
The Black Star Project (773.285.9600) recommends that you send your
contributions to:
Yele Haiti (Wyclef Jean's Relief Effort) at or text YELE to
501501 to donate $5.00 on your phone bill
UNICEF at or call 800.367.5437
Doctors Without Borders at or call
American Red Cross at or call 800.REDCROSS
(800.733.2767) or 800.257.7575 (Espanol)
Partners in Health at or call 617.432.5256
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
America’s Original Savings Network
Page 42
To join The Coalition
go to:
and download a copy
of the Pledge of
Commitment and
return it to us
As amazing as it may sound many people do not realize how easy it is
to LEGALLY stop paying for their groceries! This is how the one hour
television show began for the company whose website is at:
Q: Are these manufacturer coupons or coupons that I print on my computer?
A: All of our coupons are actual manufacturer coupons. Fewer and fewer
retailers accept coupons that are printed from your computer because of a
huge increase in counterfeit coupons. Actual manufacturer coupons which
we issue are accepted everywhere that coupons are accepted.
Q: Can these coupons be doubled?
A: Yes. These are manufacturer issued coupons and may be doubled in any
store that offers double coupons.
Q: What are the face values and the expiration dates of these coupons?
A: Being manufacturer coupons, the manufactuer determines the face values
of the coupons. We currently stock coupons ranging in value from 40 cents
to 5.00 dollars. The coupon expiration dates are generally valid for 90 days.
Q: How can I use $1,000.00 worth of coupons in 90 days?
A: With our program, you get to choose the coupons you want, when you
want them. This way you never have to worry about the coupons expiring.
Q:How do I choose the coupons I want?
A: Each coupon book contains coupon request slips which you fill out and
send in. Those coupons are then mailed to you.
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
Volunteer In Africa
Explore a Continent of Contrasts while Volunteering in Africa
For over a decade, Cross-Cultural Solutions has supported thousands of
volunteers in Africa on programs in Ghana, Morocco, South Africa and
CCS volunteers work side-by-side with local people in community
organizations focused on supporting social services, education, and health
Discover one of the world’s most diverse continents and see firsthand the
Page 43
aesthete \ES-theet\
One having or
affecting great
sensitivity to
beauty, as in art or
challenges it faces and how you can make a positive impact with CCS.
Go to:
Our group A HAND UP! Is now open, please go to:
In response to the needs of many grassroots organizations for the basic tools
to implement and sustain their ideas and projects, The Coalition, Inc.
members have come together to establish a network to facilitate the
distribution/re-distribution of unwanted, unneeded, surplus and even
repairable items for recycling.
To join: A Hand Up!
----- Coalition members! Activate ‘Your’ web link on The Coalition, Inc. web site -----
Remember to support The Coalition, Inc.’s on-air personalities…
Civil Alert World with Brother Sabir Bey Saturdays 5:30pm to 6:30pm on
WNJC 1360 AM. Also listen in on WKDU 91.7 AM Friday, 12am to 3am
Sister Phile Chionesu, organizer of the Million Woman March,
“Nu Day Resurrection and Liberation" Show LIVE each Saturday
evening 10:30 PM--12:00 midnight EST.
"NU Day" is heard in Philly and, worldwide, through the internet at: Or you can tune in via podcast at 646-
Call in and give your thoughts, comments, opinions at 1-646-652-2232
Or send an instant message to to chat on line.




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