Medgar Evers gave his life in the struggle for Human Rights.

He was shot in the back
on June 12, 1963
by a racist murderer
while working to register African-Americans to vote.

That atrocity did much to motivate the kind of
“Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration”
by several organizations that the following year (1964) resulted in


Many Are Keeping His Legacy Alive
Through Education
which emphasizes the principles of
Vision, Service, Remembrance, Faith, Change and Sacrifice.



The widow of slain civil rights activist Medgar Evers has been asked to give the invocation at President Obama's second inauguration on Jan. 21, 2013.

This makes Myrlie Evers-Williams the first woman and first layperson to give the invocation and enhances the historic significance of the event.

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Spotlights Unfinished Business


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National Action Network





Editor's Note:

"As events unfold before your very eyes,
the following information becomes more relevant than ever!"

When people don't vote,
too many "turkeys" can play "chicken" with other people's lives.

Don't let them scramble your eggs!








People around the world have risked their lives in struggles for Human Rights, social justice, peace and respect.

Many of them have studied and followed examples from the Human Rights and peace movements in the United States during the fifties, sixties and seventies, as well as the work of such internationally renowned luminaries as Mohandas Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Meanwhile “back in the States,” far too many people in the United States have “voted with their behinds” by staying home or wherever the force of gravity deposited them on Election Day and NOT voting.

Contrast that with the massive (more than 90%) eligible voter turnouts for the first free elections in such nations as South Africa and Cambodia and you may begin to understand some of this writer's sentiments.

A look at the state of affairs throughout the nation and world should give an intelligent observer a good idea of the consequences of such failure to fulfill the responsibilities of intelligent citizenship in a democracy.

Don't Be Bamboozled !

You stay home
You don't vote
And let them hijack the country.
After that snatching a few airplanes
And making you unemployed and homeless is no big deal.

As they take the country "back"
Don't worry about having to go again to the back of the bus.
The way things are going there won't even be a bus!

In half a century we have gone from a "War on Poverty"
to a war on the poor.


If you think your VOTE doesn't count -
If you don't vote YOU won't count!

Elected and other public officials work for YOU - the public.

It's up to you to hold them accountable
and to hire and fire them as appropriate.

If you do not vote
expect nothing but grief.
Don't complain
when you get it!

- The Manhattan Tan-Hat-Man




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Editor's Note:

On 2 October 2013 the following communication was sent to the Congressional Representative and both United States Senators of the Editor's residence.

Additional copies were sent to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the White House.

Hopefully this information shall prove helpful in securing our Human and Civil Rights and social justice.




While the most vulnerable people suffer the most, the eyes of the world are on the United States.

It's way past time to end the destructive childish folly.

The insanity of bigotry again exposes America's Birth Defect!

Please see:


and as Spike Lee might say it - "Do the Right Thing"!

Respectfully yours,

Stan Daniels,


Urban Cartographer Online





"Don't wait for 'Superman' -
The Answer is in YOUR hands!"





Register to Vote: The NAACP, powered by CREDO Mobile



After more than 40 years . . .

isn't it about time to

come out of the wilderness?
(And off of the plantation.)

It's been a long time coming . . .
"Our destiny will not be written for us but by us!"
- Barack Obama

(Yes, we have those
complete transcripts too!)

1/3/2008 (Iowa)
1/20/2008 (Altlanta,GA)
1/26/2008 (South Carolina)





Those people who do not vote (and hold the elected officials

accountable), unless it is for reasons of religious conscientious

convictions, are in our opinion very foolish.


Maybe they should try not eating, not drinking and not breathing and see

how much good that does them.


In this 48th anniversary year of  "Mississippi Freedom Summer"  it is

very tragic to see how soon and how much some people forget.


No wonder Bill Cosby is so concerned and angry - (We have a

transcript of his original speech at the Brown - Topeka anniversary).


We share most of his sentiments.





TIME . . .



It is in your Hands.

“It is in your Hands.”


It's in our hands.

“It's in our hands.”




“I will not miss my opportunity to be who God shaped me to be.

This has to be the moment and the time that we begin to embrace our greatness.”

-- Rev. Michael A. Walrond Jr., Senior Pastor,

First Corinthian Baptist Church

New York, NY

National Action Network
House of Justice
December 17, 2011





Support the movement for Human Rights, World Peace and Social Justice


Amnesty International

Amnesty International



National Action Network

National Action Network

National Urban League

National Urban League

The Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Foundation

Parents Circle - Families Forum

Parents Circle - Families Forum

Southern Poverty Law Center

Southern Poverty Law Center


organizations in your own local community








If you think you are too small to make a difference,
you haven't spent a night with a mosquito.

-- African Proverb




"What's in Your hand?
Just let God use you, that's all.
. . .
One with God, always a majority!"

-- Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
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Vote for Freedom

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Freedom fighters murdered to secure voting rights

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Please borrow, buy or rent the following movies:

"Ghosts of Mississippi", "Murder in Mississippi","The Vernon Johns Story","The Long Walk Home", "At the River I Stand", "Malcolm X: Make It Plain" and "Get On the Bus."


View them all before Election Day.

Then let your conscience be your guide!




The Internet Movie Database 

(Visited by more than 50 million movie lovers each month!) 


Ghosts of Mississippi 
Ghosts of Mississippi

Murder in Mississippi 
Murder in Mississippi

The Vernon Johns Story 
The Vernon Johns Story

The Long Walk Home 
The Long Walk Home

Malcolm X: Make It Plain 
Malcolm X: Make It Plain

At the River I Stand 
At the River I Stand

Get On the Bus 
Get On the Bus




Young people were a major force in the Human Rights movement.

“The Freedom Movement”



Freedom fighters were murdered to secure voting rights

Register and Vote!

Much unfinished business remains.





Democracy is HARD Work!


The way to safeguard our Human and Civil Rights and Liberties
is to fulfill our Responsibilities as Citizens.

Perhaps Michael Jackson said it best after all:

Start with
“The Man [or Woman] in the Mirror!”





Challenge & Opportunity!


What Is iCivics?


iCivics (formerly Our Courts) is a web-based education project designed to teach students civics and inspire them to be active participants in our democracy.

iCivics is the vision of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who is concerned that students are not getting the information and tools they need for civic participation, and that civics teachers need better materials and support.

Please Read More at:

Welcome Teachers

Check out all our teacher content, arranged by curriculum units.

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Dear Justice O'Connor:

Thank you for your urgently needed educational work encouraging responsible citizenship.

Recently I heard your enlightening presentation on Bloomberg radio in New York City.

After visiting your informative Web site, we have added links to it from some of the education and community service pages on our site.

We shall do our best to share the helpful information with as many people as possible and are very grateful for the efforts of you and your colleagues.


Stan Daniels,
Urban Cartographer Online










A Guide to Effective Citizenship Through AmeriCorps



Civic Engagement Training & Technical Assistance Curriculum

A Guide to Effective Citizenship Through AmeriCorps was developed under a cooperative agreement with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and meets their recommendation that programs incorporate citizenship training into their member development plans.



Take an active interest in your own future.

For more information, please click below.

Register and Vote!





Mississippi Freedom Summer

"Don't come to Mississippi this summer to save the Mississippi Negro,"
SNCC organizer Bob Moses instructed the volunteers who attended the Summer Project's training sessions in June 1964.
"Only come if you understand, really understand, that his freedom and yours are one."

Read more about
Mississippi Freedom Summer



Be sure to read the Testimony of

Fannie Lou Hamer

Before the Credentials Committee,
1964 Democratic National Convention,
Atlantic City, NJ

Fannie Lou Hamer Testimony










In the 1960's, long before the Internet, cell phones and the widespread availability of fax machines, an amazing educational transformation took place in the United States. 


The "Freedom Schools" empowered many people to open doors previously closed solidly in their faces. 


In the years since, there has often been much emphasis on voter registration without accompanying voter education in many localities. The results have often been less than satisfactory. 


If we review the lessons of the "Freedom Schools" we can apply the relevant elements to our 21st Century circumstances. We certainly have many more technological tools and resources available today. 


(Are there any "rappers" listening?) 


You may learn more at the "Freedom School Curriculum Website." 

"Freedom School Curriculum"



In the summer of 1964, over forty "Freedom Schools" opened in Mississippi.
These schools were part of Freedom Summer, a project of the Southern Civil Rights Movement, with the goal to empower African Americans in Mississippi to become active citizens and agents of social change.  


The curriculum of the summer "Freedom Schools" was a series of documents that, taken together, offer the best example of a progressive, experiential curriculum that emphasized student-centered teaching and learning-by-doing. 


We believe this curriculum is of value to anyone interested in alternative education, especially in the context of small school and summer school programs with a focus on citizenship education and social activism. This website offers teachers and students, as well as scholars and interested citizens, a chance to peruse and use any of the original documents created for the "Freedom Schools." 


You may learn more at the "Freedom School Curriculum Website." 

"Freedom School Curriculum"







Millions Threatened!

New Attacks on the Right to Vote -

Many who registered are finding their names missing from voter rolls this year.
Kennedy & Palast Investigate this scandal.

Prior incarceration also causes severe erosion of voting rights and
Disenfranchised of
Millions of African Americans.





Young people were a major force in the 

Human Rights movement.

photograph copyright © 1964 by Stan Daniels,

Editor, Urban Cartographer Online 






Contemporary Opportunities

responses to challenges
solutions to crises.)



Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools®





"Millions More Movement"





"Covenant with Black America"











It WORKS in New York City!
Why not try it where YOU live?



People are standing up
and making a difference
in hundreds of communities -
YOU can too!

Youth Vote Project

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Youth Vote Project






"Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance!"

Join the
National Campaign for Tolerance
A Project of the
Southern Poverty Law Center





Related Information of Interest









(And be sure

you read the

Eulogy transcripts!)




and the


Freedom Movement

"A Time When

Young People

Made a Difference

For the Better!"





Democracy is HARD Work!

From a previous President:
Relevant Remarks
(at the request of the Senate)
during a time of national crisis










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