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Thanks to irresponsible and greedy elements of the information and entertainment media, many people have an inaccurate and distorted picture of many of today's young people. Outstanding academic, artistic, humanitarian and athletic achievements and contributions by our youths are often ignored or buried deep in print and electronic news reports somewhere between the obituaries, department store sales and classified ads. Meanwhile aberrant (and often abhorrent) sensational acts by a few confused and misguided products of a society that has been unable and/or unwilling to properly educate them grab the banner headlines.

Public policies in many localities, disconcerted by this mentality, annually flush billions of dollars into feeble attempts to treat the effects (rather than deal with the causes) of our predictable and preventable tragic social failures. Meanwhile, in many families, religious, educational and social institutions and communities, the positive people quietly stayed focused on building and preparing for a better future. This publication is a record that resulted from the efforts of a few of them. It is the tip of an iceberg from a glacier of concerned people who are building for a better tomorrow.

The power, potential and influence of positive young people should never be underestimated. (Just think back to the Human Rights movement in the United States during the 1960's.) The achievements outlined on this Web site, and many of those with which it is linked, are a testimony of that fact.

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